You have spent wonderful years getting to know your partner and deciding she is the perfect person to spend your life with, and have now chosen to take the next step, which is giving her a ring worthy of adorning her beautiful finger. This would symbolize your everlasting love and commitment towards each other.

It sounds simple enough at first, although picking out an engagement ring is usually anything but. It is common for people to visit a jewelry store and be confused by the sheer variety of items they find, and it is not a given that the sales staff would help them pick out exactly what they need. When they do find a ring they like, many buyers are also apprehensive about the price tag they find attached to it. Achieving a satisfying balance between worth and value takes having in-depth knowledge about what you are buying. In other words, if you are late to that class, then we offer a superbly useful crash course.

Each step leading up to and through a purchase is important, which is why we deal with all of that in our posts. With the general aim of eliminating confusion, but also a specific one to help you buy something beautiful and affordable, we lay out the various factors affecting a diamond’s worth, as well as the different combinations you can expect to find these in. Choosing will not be as hard after you start seeding diamonds the way we do: the most beautiful things found in nature, but also material objects which contain major and minor flaws that set them apart from one another.

We aim to make you understand what drives the value of diamonds in both observers’ minds and the market, and how you can choose something that has both. Along those lines, we discuss different cuts and settings, and which if these go well together in a ring. Take for instance that you are worried how a ring would look on your girlfriend’s finger. The information on this blog can tell you what cuts suit specific finger shapes, what stone settings to use for different cuts, and the type of security any specific stone setting imparts to the center gem. Taken overall, it is not just the look and shine of a diamond that figures into how good a purchase decision you made, but also several other factors which we can help you understand and use.