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Bar diamond settings secure the stones on two sides using vertical metal bars, which leave ample space for the light to pass through the stones. While they are similar to channel diamond settings, they leave the stone exposed on two sides.

The setting can complement an engagement ring or be a standalone piece for a stackable ring look. Owing to its design, bar setting often features several diamonds or gems.

With a bar setting, one gets to select from a wide range of styles, such as a ring with up to 7 diamonds or a tapered baguette ring. Many people select a bar set diamond ring because the setting gives stability while still letting adequate light pass through the stone. In other words, bar diamond setting is stunning yet secure.

Bar set diamond ring also creates gorgeous symmetry, particularly in infinity rings and three stone settings. You can wear bar set engagement ring with a wedding band for a dynamic pair. Some engagement rings even have distinctive bar set elements, such as a pinched bar pavé ring.

Bar settings can support an array of diamond shapes, even though round and baguette cut diamonds are the most common options of the lot. When selecting a bar set engagement ring, consider whether you fancy white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. To give you an example, a bar set infinity ring in white metal can be extremely gorgeous. If you are looking for white gold, then choose an 18 karat variant of the precious metal. It is not that platinum will not look as good, but white gold is a better option when it comes to the cost.

The Pros of Bar Setting

  • It functions as a stackable ring, simple band, or center stone design
  • It offers more visibility to small diamonds than channel setting (owing to less metal)
  • It holds the stones securely in place with metal bars
  • It gives more shine since diamonds are more exposed.

The Cons of Bar Setting

  • There is a slightly higher likelihood of chipping here owing to diamonds being less protected by the metal
  • It is slightly less secure when compared to channel diamond setting
  • With a bar set ring, resizing can be either challenging or may necessitate more cost

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