Princess Cut Diamond Rings
Princess Cut Diamond Rings
Princess Cut Diamond Rings

People who are looking for an engagement ring often choose princess cut diamonds these days because they have excellent sparkle and fire. The inverted pyramid of the rough diamond stone was used to create this exotic shape diamond. This is a spectacular diamond shape, making it a favorite engagement ring choice.

One of the main features of a princess cut diamond is that it has 2 or 4 chevron patterns. Princess cut diamond rings also cost less than round cut diamond rings. That means you can buy an excellent engagement ring without being worried about the cost.

Facets Of Princess Cut Diamond

Based on how the stone is cut, a Princess Cut diamond normally has 50 to 58 facets. As we mentioned above, the princess cut contains 2 or 4 chevron patterns. They are designs that look like cross patterns when you look from the top. Diamonds with 2 chevron patterns reflect white and colored light in a more intense way. Diamonds with 4 chevron patterns have more scintillation, which means there are more small flickers of white and colored light visible when it travels.

Are Princess Cut Diamonds Cheaper?

The short answer is yes. Many people are buying princess cut engagement rings because they are cheaper than other fancy cut diamonds. A round brilliant cut loses around 60 % of the diamond during the cutting process, while the princess cut loses only 10-20 %. This is one of the main reasons for the lower price of princess cut diamonds. Another consequence of this phenomenon is that Princess Cuts are only created from very high-quality, well-formed rough diamond crystals, which usually correspond with cleaner diamonds.

Color Of Princess Cut Diamonds

A PrincessCut diamond requires a little more concern when it comes to color when compared to a Round Brilliant diamond. Both these diamond cuts manage to cut the light, making the true color of the rough material more difficult to see. For the best value, choose a H or I-colored diamond when purchasing a Princess Cut diamond. Also, make sure that the color of the princess cut diamond matches that of the accent diamonds, if you are buying it for an engagement ring.

Do They Appear Bigger?

Unfortunately, a princess cut diamond does not appear bigger because of its square length-to-width ratio. These diamonds can look a bit smaller than other brilliant cuts.

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