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Have you heard about white gold engagement rings? Why white gold becomes the bride’s popular choice? How is it made? How it differs from yellow and rose gold? The below post will let you have a detailed understanding on white gold engagement rings and their properties.

What is White Gold?

Since pure gold is soft and not suitable for making jewelry pieces, it is mixed up with certain alloys to make it harder. These alloys cause different color variations of gold namely yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. White gold is a mixture of pure gold with metal alloys palladium and silver which have a silvery white color.

Why Rhodium Coating is Given for White Gold?

In addition to alloys, white gold is coated with precious metal known as rhodium, which belongs to the same family as platinum. This rhodium coating will give extra strength, durability and white shining to the white gold.

Is White Gold Real?

Yes. White gold is real. Even though it contains alloys, it is made up of pure gold as yellow and rose gold. You can verify the presence of pure gold in white gold by checking the hallmark symbol. A hallmark is a symbol which is stamped inside the jewelry piece to indicate that the jewelry piece is certified and authentic as per the strict standards of the Government.

How Much Pure Gold is Contained in White Gold?

The term Karat is used to indicate the amount of pure gold in white gold. It is usually represented by the letter K. For example, 9K white gold contains 37.5% pure gold and 18K gold contains 75% pure gold. The bigger the karat weight, the larger the amount of pure gold contained in it.

Advantages of White Gold

It is a precious and beautiful metal which looks like platinum and silver. However, it is more affordable than platinum. This classic engagement ring suits every diamond shape and can be best for all outfits and events.

Disadvantages of White Gold

White gold needs recoating over time to maintain its shining white color. It is less durable than platinum and can get scratched easily. Scratches on white gold can make it very unattractive. Another disadvantage of white gold is that wearing it may cause allergic reactions to some people because of the presence of alloys in it. If your skin is sensitive to these alloy metals, better go for other options.

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