Pink Diamonds
Pink Diamonds
Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are one the most expensive and rare fancy colored diamonds found in nature. They have an exquisite color gradient which is caused mainly by their crystal structure.

Pink diamonds are extremely rare and can cost you about a million US dollars for a one-carat pink diamond. The cost can also vary according to the saturation of the pink color in your diamond. The more color saturation means more money you have to pay for the diamond.

Origin Of Pink Diamonds

There are only a few mines in the world that has pink diamonds. An interesting fact is that 90% of the pink diamonds available are produced at the Argyle Mine which is located in Western Australia. There are some mines in Brazil, Russia, and India where we can find pink diamonds. The availability of pink diamonds ranges between 40 and 50 one-carat diamonds per year and if you want one, there are auctions for these pink diamonds.

Color Grades Of Pink Diamond

The categories of color grades of pink diamonds are blue-violet, pink champagne, pink rose, pink, and purplish pink. The color grade purplish-pink has the most vibrant appearance and is the most expensive among pink diamonds. When rarity is considered, purplish-pink diamonds are rarest followed by pink and pink-rose colored diamonds. The price of a pink diamond increases with its color saturation.

Cost Of Pink Diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest and the most expensive among fancy colored diamonds. After red diamonds, pink diamonds are the second most expensive colored diamond. The price can vary between 10,000 US Dollars to a million US Dollars for a one-carat pink diamond. The major factors that affect the price of pink diamonds are their color saturation and carat size.

At Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction, conducted in 2017, a pink diamond called ‘The Pink Star’ was sold for a whopping 71.2 million US Dollars.

Popular Ring Settings Used In Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

The majority of pink diamonds in the market come in smaller carat sizes. Also, the price of a pink diamond increases exponentially with carat size. So it is wise to use small carat size diamonds.

The ring settings commonly used include three-stone setting, halo setting, and double-halo setting. In the halo setting, there is an outer layer of small diamonds around the center diamond. So even if your center diamond is small, the halo setting can compensate for that.

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