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Nowadays, people love to explore different options when it comes to their diamond engagement rings. Unlike olden days, more people are steering towards unconventional options when designing their diamond rings. The main reason for this is the incredibly higher price of diamonds. Plus, many diamonds are mined under unfavorable conditions where human rights violation, child labor, non-sustainable practices, etc., are common. Such diamonds are usually known as blood diamond or conflict diamonds and are mainly used to fund wars and other anti-social activities.

Whichever be the case, one of the perfect options that you may consider to achieve this objective is moissanite stones. However, this alternative will not be suitable for every couple. If you are wondering about whether or not this stone is perfect for you, it is better to do a thorough pro-con comparison before jumping into a conclusion.

The Pros

An Ethical Choice

Unlike diamonds, you will not have to stress about the genuineness of moissanite stones. You will be amazed to know that this spectacular stone is discovered from the rock samples of a meteor. However, you will not have to wait for a meteor to crash into the earth to get moissanite stones now. Note that these stones are now vastly engineered in several laboratories. Since these stones are man-made now, you can be sure of its authenticity and sustainability. This makes moissanite engagement rings a suitable option for all the people who are concerned about the ethical values of the diamond industry.

Moissanite Stones are Extremely Brilliant

The main factor that attracts people towards diamond engagement rings is its sparkle. Do you know that moissanite stones sparkle more than its diamond counterparts? Additionally, these stones are less likely to attract debris, grime, and dirt, unlike diamonds. Hence, the maintenance and cleaning associated with moissanite stones will be less when compared to diamonds. This makes Moissanite a perfect choice for engagement rings.

The cons

The Coloring Will Not Be as Good as Diamonds

The first thing that you must understand is that no alternatives including Moissanite can exactly replicate the spellbinding appeal of a diamond. Note that it will be challenging to find a colorless moissanite stone like diamonds. Usually, the color is moissanite stones tend to range from yellowish to greenish depending on the lighting condition.

You Cannot Expect Every Jeweler to Work on Moissanite

Some jewelers may hesitate to work on synthetic diamonds like moissanite. The main reasons are the risk of damage and their reputation. This will be a reason for concern in the future when it comes to your diamond ring repairs, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

In short, while moissanite rings will be a great option for people who love to choose affordable and ethical sourced stones, you may have to face some hardships in the future at times when it comes to its repair and re-sizing.

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