Tear Cut Diamond Ring
Tear Cut Diamond Ring
Tear Cut Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are expensive, to say the least, and being as substantial an investment as they usually are, deserve to be treated with the utmost care. This means that if, for instance, you own a three stone sapphire diamond ring or a tear cut diamond ring, you should be familiar with a number of do’s and don’ts concerning your beloved ring and its safety. Following are a number of things you should definitely not be doing while wearing a diamond ring.

Washing Dishes

Everyone knows that diamond rings and kitchen drains are longtime enemies, but there are other reasons too why you should remove your ring before doing the dishes. Almost all dish soap contains harsh dyes and chemicals which can harm the band, and sometimes even scratch and dull the diamond itself. The surface can also be rendered dull if you use a typical scouring sponge.

Using Hand Soap

Ordinary hand soap too has strong chemicals which can be harmful to a diamond ring, so it’s always a good idea to remove the latter and keep it somewhere safe before going near the sink. If you’re a frequent hand washer, you should probably get a small jewelry dish and leave it by the sink so that there’s somewhere you can put your ring before washing your hands.

Showering and Bathing

Neither of these two activities should be done while wearing a diamond ring. Even body soaps and shampoos have chemicals that aren’t good for any jewelry, and which can strip away the finish that you’re probably still fond of showing off to friends and family. The gist is that your stone could lose its luster and shine.

Applying Makeup

As a woman, you should take care while applying makeup, in that you should be sure before you begin that your ring is not on your finger. While applying makeup may not seem too bad for the stone or band, there are lots of ways it can turn into a nightmare. Foundations have loose powder in them that can dull your stones pretty quickly if you let the latter get exposed.


Yard work is a favored pastime in the summer months, but bear in mind you should not be doing it with a diamond ring on your finger. The problem with doing so is that you could be exposing the stone and band to dirt as well as yard debris, both of which can get lodged in the diamond setting.

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