Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

Rings featuring black diamonds were less popular so many years ago. Cutting and polishing black diamonds were difficult back then, so the stones were more popular for non-jewelry uses, such as industrial applications. However, these diamonds have been becoming increasingly popular in the previous few years. Read on to know the possible reasons why black diamond rings are also popular in the market.

A Trend Among Celebrities

Well-known public figures played a part in black diamonds becoming more popular. In the past few years, an increasing number of celebs have been rocking black diamond jewelry on their fingers. So, it is only natural that their ardent fans also act as per what they do.

There are many other reasons for selecting black diamonds as the centerpieces of engagement rings for women and men. One of the properties that cause the diamond to be popular is the fact that the stone is extremely strong. The gemstone is often prone to cracking at the time of cutting and polishing, but after those processes, it will become very strong.

Contrast To Standard Diamonds

A black diamond may not sparkle or be reflective identically to a colorless stone, but it offers a good contrast to that latter product. Some individuals argue that it causes the colorless stone to sparkle more due to its capability of contrasting the colors while set together.

Rings that feature black diamonds are not only meant for women. The appeal of those is strong among men, too, as the stone lacks the same feminine appeal quotient as colorless diamonds. So, several men have wedding rings with the black stones set around the bands, making the bands look different from a conventional woman’s diamond ring.

A man or woman who wears a black diamond ring is not a conventionalist. When your ring setting has a black diamond at the center or black diamonds around the band, people will view it as a statement piece. So, if you wish to make a bold statement with the ring, it would be a good idea to go for one of those two black diamond settings.

It is also possible to fashion black diamonds into conventional colorless diamond shapes, including the oval, round, emerald, cushion, pear, heart, and marquise. Black diamonds with shapes such as baguettes are set around colorless diamonds for that contrast we spoke about earlier. A platinum or gold band set with the diamond at the center can also help to achieve the contrast.

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