Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

When you look at different engagement ring styles, you may wonder which one is the right choice for your partner. That is when some people go online to figure out how to choose the best engagement rings. However, the internet provides several false info that could mislead you. The myths about diamonds are so vast that you need to do proper research before going engagement ring shopping.

Let’s debunk some of the most common myths about diamond engagement rings.

Bigger Is Always Better

A widespread misconception concerning engagement rings is that a larger diamond looks better from the front than a smaller one. However, just because a diamond is larger does not imply that it has more brilliance, fire, or scintillation. A little diamond can have enthralling radiance, yet a huge diamond can appear lifeless. The cut of a diamond, not its carat weight, determines how it behaves in light.

Always Buy Round Brilliant Cut

The most common shape and cut for engagement rings is the round brilliant diamond. A bridesmaid gown is worn by almost half of all brides. It’s attractive, appealing, and capable of offering astonishing brightness, fire, and scintillation, and for good cause. Other fancy shapes are also appealing and deserving of your attention. Some diamonds may even be less expensive per carat than round brilliants.

All Diamonds Sparkle

Every diamond glow, according to a prevalent misunderstanding regarding diamond engagement rings. The cut of a diamond determines its radiance, or how the facets interact with light. To shape a stone with the dimensions, symmetry, and polish that provide the wonderful return of light, precise creativity and workmanship are necessary. A diamond with a poor cut would sparkle sparingly. Dirt is the main adversary of sparkle. Facets of a stone that have skin oils, moisturizers, and other chemicals on them will reflect poorly, just like a dirty mirror will. It’s critical to maintain your diamond clean if you want it to stay gleaming.

Diamonds Are Unbreakable

Diamond is the toughest jewel on the planet and is resistant to almost all acids. It’s also more resistant to heat than other gemstones. However, a diamond cutter can purposefully cleave a diamond by striking it hard enough in the correct location, you can obtain a similar result if you strike hard at the right place by mistake. When the girdle edge or a protruding point, such as the tip of a marquise pear-shaped diamond, strikes anything hard, chips form. It is a fallacy that diamonds are unbreakable.

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