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An engagement ring is an expression of you in an artistic way. It shows what you are made of because you are the one who chooses the style and the design of your diamond ring. Hence, it is more about you than you may have thought. Thus, it is important to choose a style that suits your personal tastes.

While you go about searching the favorite textures for your partner, you will also get to know them a little closer. Try to understand their daily choice of fashion and you will be able to understand their tastes. Today, there are several choices available when it comes to an engagement ring style. Below are a few of the best available engagement ring styles available for you.

Classic Style Engagement Rings

The classic engagement ring style is as elegant as the name suggests. It is well tailored with an emphasis on perfection. The most classic out of all engagement ring settings is the round diamond solitaire set in a simple gold band. There might be variation in the number of prongs that hold the diamond in place. However, the most commonly used style is the classic four prong mounting. White metal engagement rings are also among the most popular choices. This includes platinum and white gold.

Yet another of the classic design is the three-stone diamond engagement ring. In this design, three matching diamonds are placed horizontally on the ring, with the bigger stone placed in the center. This represents your past, present, and future of togetherness. Those who have an affinity to symbolism may choose this one.

Modern Style Engagement Rings

Modern designs are devoid of the conventions and constraints that governed the jewelry from the previous era. The only peculiarity is that they may sometimes look unique and nothing like traditional engagement rings.

Several of the modern designing principles involve including minimalism in their art and also the use of fascinating materials for the detailing works. Romanticism is conjured through stark materials here. Metals that are industrial in a sense and alloys of modern raw materials such as platinum are also used in such designs. The center stone might be a colored diamond here, while sometimes, the band could also include no diamonds at all.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Vintage design is one of the most interesting styles out there. They are sometimes surprising and sometimes shocking as well. To be considered a vintage collection, the jewelry must be at least 100 years old. These usually feature some of the strongest metals and better quality diamonds. Designers have a sizeable collection of jewelry from different eras of history.

Vintage designs are unique and they create a variety of designs. Hence, it is important to know the interests of your fiancée before choosing a style. One of the characteristics of this design includes milgrain detailing. This is defined as the presence of tiny metal beading around the edges. Furthermore, the design can include floral engraving, pave settings, or a diamond halo around the centerpiece gem.

Art Deco, Victorian, and Etruscan Style Engagement Rings

The famous Art Deco style became popular through the 1920’s and the 1930’s. This design included lavish ornamentation, bold geometric shapes, and rich colors. They were ornate and balanced at the same time. A majority of these rings features sapphires, rubies, and emeralds; these vintage style engagement rings are very much in popularity these days.

Victorian style rings are also equally captivating. Large diamonds were uncommon during that time. So you can find engagement rings that feature colored stones or clusters of small diamonds. Another famous style of this era featured a large pearl encircled by smaller diamonds.

Etruscan style engagement rings are really old, and hence, it is extremely difficult to acquire one today. However, you will find the recreations of these ancient works online every easily. Designers use intricate metalwork, tiny beads of gold to add texture to a surface, and filigree for this purpose. The wedding bands found in Etruscan style rings are usually thick and employ intricate metalwork. They usually feature small colored stones, which are inset to the band.

Celebrity-Inspired and Fashion-Forward Engagement Rings

Celebrity inspired rings and fashion-forward rings come under the same umbrella. Many of you might have spotted celebrities sporting modern designs and the most attractive looks during the red carpet events. They pick their rings in such a way that they will get the attention of the onlookers. Events like Academy Awards or the Golden Globes are the best places to look for celebrities making their best fashion statement.

Celebrities almost always look for designs that are definite to turn a few heads and raise a few eyebrows. They look for the most out-of-the-box designs, and hence, they are fashion-forward.

The choice of colored diamonds is also important for a fashion statement. The colored diamonds are considerably advanced in the choice of designs. Rose gold setting is ready to make a re-entry. Their vintage looks may bring some much-needed vigor to the modern colored diamond industry. Hence, it is better to know your partner and her choices well before going for the purchase.

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