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Once you get engaged, you will be surely in an ecstatic world and will be busy planning your future together. However, some couples tend to forget a number of important things amidst their wedding planning and other future plans. One of those overlooked points is getting your valuable diamond engagement rings appraised. After all, diamonds are one of the most expensive commodities and estimating their real worth is really important. If you are wondering about what a diamond appraisal is, you may refer to the following details.

Diamond Ring Appraisal

Diamond ring appraisal is the process of assessing your diamond rings in order to assign a monetary value to it. This official document includes the value of each and every piece of your ring such as the diamonds, metal settings, other gemstones, etc. When it comes to the diamond grading report, it portrays only the gemological characters of diamonds. Furthermore, make sure to consider a credible jeweler or gemologist for appraising your diamond engagement rings.

Why Appraise your Diamond Engagement Rings

The main use of appraising your diamond rings is to avail appropriate insurance coverage. Note that the very thought of your expensive diamond engagement rings being stolen, misplaced, or damaged may break your heart. However, the insurance companies usually check the appraisal certificate of your ring in the case of such unfortunate incidents so as to cover your loss. You can either claim the cost of your ring or you may get it replaced based on your insurance policy type. Plus, most insurance companies tend to calculate the premium charges of your ring on the basis of its overall cost. It is to be noted that this cost will be documented in diamond appraisal certificates.

When to Appraise your Diamond Engagement Rings

It is best to appraise your diamond engagement rings as soon as you get them. The earlier you appraise your diamond rings, the earlier your rings will get covered for loss. This will surely give you peace of mind and you will be able to focus well on your wedding preparations.  Usually, most diamond jewelry stores tend to appraise the diamond rings as soon as you purchase them. However, it is always better to rely on a third party since in-house jewelers will be biased towards their jewelry pieces in most cases.

The cost of Appraising your Diamond Engagement Rings

You will have to pay a fee for appraising your diamond rings unless you opt for an in-house diamond ring appraisal. It will be worth noting that the price for appraising your diamond engagement rings may depend on many factors such as the expertise of appraiser, the place you live, number of diamonds, the complexity of designs, the age of the ring, etc. The best way to trim down your diamond ring appraisal cost is to choose an expert who charges for his service per hour rather than the type of ring.

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