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Carbonado Diamond Ring
Carbonado Diamond Ring

Black diamonds are certainly the black sheep of the diamond family. It is surrounded by a thick air of sophistication and mystery which is bound to draw eyes to it like a canine to a chewy bone. These diamonds have a rather unique enchanting appearance coupled with its few and far between instances of couples been seen wearing the carbonado diamond ring, awards it a social status quite unlike any other. In many cultures, these diamonds have been related to the embodiment of death and looked at with a sense of uncertainty and foreboding, making many look the other way.So for the offbeat and headstrong couple that doesn’t mind flaunting it with grace and edginess, look no further!

Black diamond took to the centre stage especially when Mr Big slipped a brilliant black engagement ring onto the fingers of the female protagonist, Carrie from the hit show Sex and the city. There are several celebrities, from Shenae grimes to Emily blunt who have been seen with the coveted black diamond engagement ring donning their finger.

But to truly do justice to the allure of these diamonds, it is important to know where they come from.

What Are Black Diamonds?

These diamonds, also called “carbonado diamonds” are found in parts of central Africa and Brazil only. The name stuck on to it due to its burnt charcoal like appearance. These diamonds are found at only alluvial deposits unlike their transparent coloured cousins. Black diamonds are especially known for their brutal hardness, making it all the more difficult to shape and cut.

Types Of Black Diamond

  • Natural black diamonds: The diamonds have high degree of impurities in them, which is the only notable difference from the traditional colourless diamonds. These imperfections in its lattice give rise to the beautiful sliver of grey which black diamonds are famously known for.
  • Treated Black diamonds: These are used generally for industrial purposes, owing to it being much cheaper than its other variants.
  • Lab grown Black diamonds: Science has come quite far, with this being the sole proof. These are synthetic, in other words made in labs under controlled conditions.These are exorbitant in their prices and enjoy high demand.The shocking revelation is that, it is a near perfect replication of the composition and structure of a natural black diamond.

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