Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, you will come across a wide range of diamond shapes and ring setting to choose from. However, the most important aspect for most people to consider is the appropriate diamond shape for each hand size. We can agree that we all have different hand shapes and some diamond shapes may not work with slim and bigger hands.

Let’s take a look at the best diamond ring shapes for every hand size.

For Wider Hands

Diamond shapes that make the hands or fingers appear slim are popular among those with wider fingers or hands. Oval cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, and emerald cut diamonds are some of the bests for this hand shape. Then there’s the fact that bigger diamonds, in general, look better on broader hands. Long fancy diamond shapes with bigger carat weights are some of the most attractive diamonds for wider fingers and hands.

When it comes to ring settings for bigger hands or fingers, a bolder setting is preferable to a gentle setting. With bigger hands, larger and more expansive settings appear more harmonic and balanced. Medium to wide solitaire rings, halo settings, and three-stone settings with striking asymmetrical elements are all terrific setting possibilities for bigger fingers.

For Small Hands

Proportion is crucial when choosing a diamond cut for tiny hands. Smaller diamonds, in general, actually look good on small hands because of the aesthetically attractive ratio. Princess cut, Round cut, and Asscher cut diamonds are some of the most popular shapes for small hands. When you compare them with other diamond designs, these have greater depth than surface area, so they appear precisely proportioned on little hands.

Most diamond experts recommend using a simple ring setting with no huge side diamonds for ring settings for little hands. On smaller palms, large side diamonds appear imbalanced. Slim solitaire rings and beautiful split shank bands are two good setting choices for little hands. If you have a tiny hand and still want diamond embellishments on your diamond ring setting, pave diamonds are a good choice.

For Slim Hands

If you have small hands or long fingers, there are several diamond shapes to choose from. The kind of effect you desire from your engagement ring will determine the diamond shape you should choose. If you prefer the look of lengthy fingers, an extended fancy-shaped diamond might be used to emphasize this. You might also choose a symmetrical diamond design, such as a round or Asscher cut diamond if you want to balance out the size of your fingers.

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