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Almost all the diamonds have similar appearance at a single glance, especially when you are someone who is having less idea about diamonds. This is the reason why you should be looking for some things extra while shopping for them. Accent diamond rings are mostly chosen as they enhance the overall appearance of the center stone of the setting.

It is always the setting that gives value to the accents, meaning they have little value when purchased alone and, they will be very smaller when compared to the center stone.

Things to Ensure

Making the center stone easily noticeable is the major goal of using accent diamonds in a setting and hence the accents cannot dominate your diamond ring. For example, you would not need to use accent stones for a fairly smaller main stone since it would appear to be more noticeable.

Selecting accent diamonds that are not bigger than fifteen percent of your center stone is what is recommended by most jewelers. For example, the accent stones you choose should not weigh above 0.10 carat per piece, if you are choosing a center stone of 0.75-carat weight.

Choose Diamonds of Similar Size

Accent stones are arranged side by side mostly and hence these should be having about the same carat size. Having minor differences in the size of the diamonds in the setting can is expected, but those with the bigger size will remain more noticeable.

Color of Accents

The center stone of your diamond setting should be having the most color grade. If the accents on the side are whiter in color, your center stone would appear to be yellow when it is compared to them. Never choose accents that are above the three grades lower than the main stone’s grade as the diamond accents might appear to be too yellow in this case. For example, a centerpiece having color grade G should be used in a setting with side stones that has grade J.

Sparkle of Accent Diamonds

Accent diamonds usually do not have the same amount of shine when compared to the main stone. They are smaller in size, and therefore, the cutting and polishing of these diamonds to get the correct proportions are often difficult. Various shapes of the diamonds would be responsible for the difference in its sparkle as well. To attain more shine for the diamonds, it is always good to look for round cut diamonds.

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