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Diamond Ring Selection

The diamond shapes that are most commonly seen on rings are round cut. Most brides go for round diamond engagement rings as it has more sparkle and more value. But there are also some other cuts which are rarely used but can make your ring exquisite. If you are looking for something unexpected and unconventional for your engagement or wedding ring, then try out these awesome ideas. These are wonderful choices that you can experiment on diamond rings.

The Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut has a rectangular-faceted pavilion similar to emerald cut. It offers prismatic brilliance and has a unique shape. Normally, there will be 58 facets for an Asscher cut, but there is also a much rarer version of the cut known as the Royal Asscher cut. This has 74 facets with wide cut corners and is a patented version of the original one.

The Rough Cut

They are unprocessed diamonds. This raw diamonds have a unique beauty and an “earthy” feel. Such diamonds will have a natural octahedral shape. When these stones are combined with great designs they create an ethereal beauty. This is a wonderful choice for those who want a natural appearance.

The Sugarloaf Cut

This is a unique cut which are usually used on colored gems. This cut brings out the beauty of the hues of such stones. The sugarloaf cut diamonds has a flat square base and the four sides will be pointed like a mountain.

The Trilliant Cut

This cut has the same scintillation as a round brilliant cut but with an unusual shape. The diamonds with this cut are usually used as accent stones or for eternity rings. A trilliant cut diamond would be a wonderful choice for your engagement ring.

The Radiant Cut

This is a great choice for those who want a blend of round and emerald cuts. Even though its shape represents an emerald cut diamond, it has the brilliance of a round diamond. The cut also resembles princess cut but with cropped corners.

The Cushion Cut

Their shape represents a pillow, from which they got the name. It has a square shape with rounded corners. It is perfect for those who want a square shape without pointed corners.

If you want a distinct look for your diamond rings these are the best choices available for you. They will add a unique beauty to your ring.

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