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Diamond Ring Alternatives

Once you have decided to take your relationship status to the next level, you will be looking for a perfect ring for an epic proposal. Of course, diamonds will be the first choice that may pop into your mind when it comes to engagement rings. Still, there will be many people who think that diamond rings are really overrated. It is true that diamonds feature many supreme qualities that are worth investing in it.

It is worth noting that the marketing strategies of many diamond sellers contributed to the sudden upsurge in the diamond price. That is why millennial couples tend to steer away from the traditional diamond rings and choose something unique and unconventional for their engagement. If you were looking for such stunning proposal rings, but had no idea about what to consider, below are some of the perfect options for you.

Non-Natural Diamonds

If you love to go the unconventional way but hesitate to go too far away from your traditions, man-made diamonds will be the perfect option. Then there are diamond simulants to consider as well, which will be visually identical to natural diamonds. However, diamond simulants are made with entirely different substances, and hence, it will not have any other properties as that of real diamonds.

Nevertheless, make sure that your significant other is fine with this alternative. Otherwise, she may find it as a fake stone and this will be a true romance bummer. In such cases, you can go for synthetic diamonds. Unlike diamond simulants, synthetic diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and structural composition as that of naturally formed diamonds. Hence, this type of gemstones boasts the same properties as that of their natural counterparts.

Jewelry-Grade Gemstones

Choosing gemstones for engagement rings is another option for making sure that your jewelry stands out from the crowd. There are numerous options for this such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, pearls, etc. Furthermore, each of these gemstones has unique characteristics and represents different meanings. For instance, rubies stand for friendship, loyalty, love, and happiness, whereas courage, fidelity, integrity, and gentleness are the attributes associated with topaz. So, gifting a gemstone engagement ring to your better half will surely have an extra element of intimacy.

Choosing a family heirloom gemstone ring for your engagement will be another great way to propose to your bride-to-be. Such a ring would have a rich history, and would stand for the culture and traditions of the bygone eras. In the case your partner finds it too big or gaudy, you may resize it or remove some gemstone detailing. Some couples even tend to give a stylish makeover to their family heirloom rings and use it as a link between the past and present generation.

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