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Is there any difference in wearing a wedding ring and an engagement ring? How does they differ? Do we need to buy both? This article will help you to clear all these doubts regarding both the wedding and engagement rings. Let’s take a look at it.

Are Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings the Same?

No. Though both the rings are considered as the symbol of love and commitment, they are different and cannot be replaced with one another. Both the rings are different in their meaning, style, and price. Engagement rings are used at the time of engagement and wedding rings are exchanged during the wedding ceremony.

What is an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is a special promise of a good future together. It is a symbol of pure love and commitment between the couples. Every girl dreams of being proposed by her love with a beautiful engagement ring. That is why engagement rings are made very attractive and expensive. Engagement rings are mostly of gold or platinum bands with a center diamond or gemstone.

Usually, engagement rings are worn by women. But in some cultures, men also wear the engagement ring. An engagement ring should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. Because as per Egyptian culture it is believed that this finger has a vein which is known as the “vein of love” that connects the heart. This is the reason it is known as the ring finger.

What is a Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings are those that are exchanged during a wedding ceremony. By this exchange of rings, they are promising each other to stay united forever until their last breath. Usually, wedding rings look very simple and plain. It is a continuous band with no beginning and end. It will be made of either gold or platinum. Wedding rings are considered as the symbol of unity and eternal love.

Which Ring Should Be Purchased First?

It is better to purchase engagement rings first as it is the first occasion to happen. Also, it is the engagement ring that requires more purchasing time and has great concepts of style, shape, settings, etc.

Do the Rings Have to Match?

In most cases, women wear both the engagement and wedding rings on the same finger. Therefore, if the rings match well, it will give a good uniform look. But some girls don’t like this uniform look, they prefer mismatches. So it is all up to your personal choices.

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