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Traditional Diamond Rings
Traditional Diamond Rings

A wedding has been always about women. It revolves around what the bride wants and sometimes, the groom is completely out of the picture. In short, more importance is given to the bride and her wishes. But, a change in the involvement has been observed by both men and subsequently, women. Men try to get involved more, women encourage their partner to open up. This change in people’s attitude has indirectly influenced the groom’s fashion including their ring designs. In fact, there are more men’s ring designs to choose from now than before. Let’s look at the latest engagement ring designs that are trending now.

Simple Engagement Rings

As people say “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.We cannot help but agree to it. A plain simple band will make any man look powerful and humble at the same time. While buying a simple engagement ring, you should keep in mind to purchase a ring made of a high quality metal like silver, gold or platinum. Platinum engagement bands with foreign words engraved are a trend because of how they create a mysterious aura. Or you could get a ring with a beveled edge which gives it depth.

Modern Engagement Rings

If your boyfriend falls more into the modern category, you might want to give him a black tungsten ring. Sleek, stylish rings are what modern men adore. Also, black titanium plated rings with carbon inlays are trending now. They are customized, classy and modish- what more does a guy need. The carbon fiber inlays can be of any color- preferably his favorite color or the color of his favorite sports team.

Classic Engagement Rings

Not all men follow the trend. Some still prefer atraditional diamond rings lined with stones. If your boyfriend loves classic stuff, you should get him this. Gold rings decorated with different gemstones are a great option. Or you could simply get him a gold ring with small diamonds lined along its edges. You can also get a set of diamond engagement rings and flaunt it together.

Fashion Rings

Bands are not your only choice. Try something different. Many men like having a rustic stone that stands out at the center. The best example of a fashion ring is the Irish Claddagh ring. Claddah rings have two hands joining and holding a heart that’s topped with a crown. It symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty which are the base of a relationship.

Two-Tone Rings

You can use your creativity to customize two-tone rings. Select your own metals and come up with a phrase that you want him to always remember. Silver and gold lining have been in trend for a while now. So, you could go with black titanium and white titanium or black titanium with rose gold.

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