Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Rings

The exchange of diamond engagement rings kick starts the most important phase in the lives of many people. The ring has a great value in the lives of those wearing it, and there are rituals about this in most cultures. The purpose of this article is to explore the various aspects of diamond engagement ring etiquettes.

Selecting Engagement Rings For Women

When selecting engagement rings, you must consider various etiquettes and factors associated with them. The most important being the type of ring that suits your relationship.


You do not require an engagement ring to propose, and many think otherwise. Some couples shop for the ring after the proposal so that the woman can choose the ring of her choice. It is practical to wait so that couples can save money and buy special diamond engagement rings. While there are also couples who forgo the engagement ring altogether as it is not a necessity.

Paying For The Ring

Traditionally grooms pay for the ring, and this is one of the most important engagement ring etiquettes. However, some couples decided to split the cost between them. In this case, men must consider the personality of his fiancée. While some women expect their fiancé to pay the ring. Above all, couples get to know each other’s economic viewpoint when they decide to share the cost for the ring, do the budgeting, and other arrangements. This helps to build a healthy financial future after marriage.

Selecting The Stones

Traditionally, engagement rings use diamonds as the center stone, but this has been changing for some time. Couples are opting for other gemstones, as well as using a combination of them. Also, the newest trend is to choose colored diamond engagement rings over colorless ones.

Family Heirlooms

Some couples choose the heirloom engagement ring as part of family tradition. This is not only an expression of love but also passing down family memories to the younger generation. However, this requires discussion with other family members to get their consent. Furthermore, provisions must be made to return the ring to the family in the event the relationship does not work out in the future.

Placement Of The Ring

According to modern tradition, the engagement ring is to be worn on the left-hand ring finger. Most jewelers advocate right-hand engagement rings, and you must be aware of this tiny detail.

These are some of the engagement ring etiquettes that you must bear in mind, and we hope that this article was of use to you.

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