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Interesting Honeymoon Facts

Ever heard this quote from Ingrid Bergman: “Happiness is good health and a bad memory”? You will realize how true this is long days after your happy honeymoon. Besides such normal things that apply to a trip, here are some others that make your honeymoon peculiar.

You Will Forget to Plan Your Honeymoon

Let us say you are planning a usual vacation. You would perhaps take months to read up on the destination, to research hotels and flights, and to create your itinerary. However, as you are planning your wedding, you will be busy. Set aside some amount of time to plan your honeymoon so that when you eventually complete the process, you will have a relaxing journey on the cards.

It Will be Very Special

Even when you swear clichés of couples holding hands when checking into a hotel or embracing at the airport is so not the two of you, do not be surprised if you find yourselves behaving as those happy couples do. You are celebrating an extremely happy and big event in your life, not to mention that you do not have the pressure of planning any longer.

You Might Not Be Relaxed Until One or Two Days into Your Honeymoon

If you feel that having a sunbath and strong cocktail for an hour or two is all that will take for you to be rejuvenated as well as focused on one another, then you may be in for a surprise. You will have so much of adrenaline to push you through your wedding that you might just be exhausted on the first day or two of your honeymoon. Be ready to just take things as they come, and try that adventurous trekking or scuba excursion later in the honeymoon week.

That Romantic Feeling Will Not Always be There

This will be the case unless you go for the trip with plans to just cuddle under the blanket all week long. For some, that is the honeymoon. However, for the adventure junkie, honeymoon also means to have some fun doing outlandish stuff like the ones mentioned above. If you do such activities, then there will be times when you will feel like doing something else other than romancing.

You Will Not Wish to Come Home

Whether this is the first honeymoon together or you have been on many getaways as a pair before, to come back home is to go back to everything you have been procrastinating on.

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