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A ring should have a perfect fit. If it is too loose, you may risk losing it and this can be a devastating experience for you, especially with diamond rings. Also, if the ring is very tight, it can be uncomfortable and difficult to remove. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your ring has a perfect fit.

If you find your ring to be loose, the first option that will come to your mind will be resizing. However, this is not always a wise option, as the reason that caused your ring to become loose might be temporary. Therefore, you have to consider different factors before you choose to permanently resize your ring.

When Not To Permanently Resize Your Ring?

There are a lot of reasons for your ring to become loose or tight. Many of them will be temporary. Your ring might have become loose because of weight loss, or conditions like cold weather, etc., while, situations like pregnancy, weight gain, etc. can cause your ring to become tight. Therefore, before rushing to resize your ring, you have to find out the real reason for your ring not fitting you. If the reasons are temporary, then it is better to avoid the permanent resizing of your ring, instead, you can go for some other measures that are mentioned below.

Jeweler-Applied Ring Resizers

Most people think that taking the ring to the jeweler for resizing only includes permanent resizing. However, this is not the only case. A jeweler can also offer you some other solutions too, apart from permanent resizing. Some of them are listed below:

Sizing beads

A jeweler can add two small metal balls inside your ring for making it smaller. These beads will be added on the underside of your ring, hence, it will not be visible. This an economical option for resizing your rings, and it can make sure that the ring is rightly fit on your finger. However, it may be slightly uncomfortable for you because of the bulging beads. Therefore, before you choose this option, ask the jeweler to show a model for finding if it is comfortable for you.

Spring Insert

This is another easy and efficient way of resizing your ring. It can be helpful to reduce the size up to one full ring size. A spring insert will have the shape of a horseshoe, and this metal strip will line 3/4 of the inside of your ring’s band. Even though this method is slightly complicated for the jeweler to implement, it is still a cost-effective method and also offers more comfort for the wearer. This is a wonderful option for resizing your diamond engagement rings.

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