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Diamond-Cut Guide

The 4Cs are a major influence for every stone. The cost of a well-proportioned, clear and flawless diamond would be higher than a flawed diamond of similar carat weight. Meanwhile, the diamond market is based on the fluctuations of supply and demand. Therefore, the demand for brilliance makes certain diamond cuts higher priced than others. Below is a discussion on the most expensive diamond cuts available among diamond rings.

Round Brilliant

This is by far the most expensive cut of diamonds in existence. People look for brilliance and shine in the diamonds and round brilliant diamonds fulfill their requirements perfectly. 75% of all diamonds ever sold are round brilliant diamonds. Due to its immense popularity, it is very easy to find a large variety of designs in this category. The popularity also translates to high price.

There are 58 facets in this diamond cut and these are made with high precision. Each facet acts as a prism, absorbing light and then separating light to its constituent colors.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

The princess cut is the second most popular shape among diamond cuts. These offer a modern appearance and match well with traditional settings. Note that this type of cut should have a certain length-to-width ratio that creates a symmetrical square. If the cut has anything lesser than this, it does not stay attractive anymore.

The cut has the ability to highlight a low color grade yet conceals the imperfections. Princess cut diamonds are very brilliant and light passes throughout the stone, creating the blinding sparkle which is able to hide its imperfections.

Oval-Cut Diamonds

These are similar to the round brilliant cut diamonds. They are characterized by an elongated shape. This property prevents it from letting light refract like inside a round stone and hence it does not claim a similar grade of brilliance. Note that the length of the cut means that it appears like a diamond of larger carat weight. For this reason, they are the best option for people looking for a high degree of sparkle and have the appearance of a larger stone. They are not as popular as the round brilliant or princess cut diamonds. As a result, they cost much lesser than these shapes.

Diamond cuts are an essential property of the diamond that determines the beauty of the diamond. Make sure you consider both the positive and negative aspects of these diamond cuts before going on to purchase them

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