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Topaz comes in a variety of colors, which include yellow, orange, green, and most often, blue. Flaws or impurities in the crystal structure of the stone causes its color, as per the Gemological Institute of America. Above everything else, it is a versatile gemstone. This is why it is becoming a well-known substitute for conventional diamond rings among modern women. Keep reading to know what to consider when shopping for a topaz gem engagement ring.

The Stone Color

Imperial Topaz and London Blue Topaz are two of the most sought-after gemstone color options. London Blue Topaz is color-treated, whereas the former is still the rarest kind of topaz available in the market. Imperial Topaz originated in Russia, and it has a pinkish-orange and fiery yellow hue. Every color variations of it affect the rate of the gemstone and provide varying aesthetics.

Its Shape And Setting

It is possible to cut topaz into numerous different sizes and shapes. The gemstone is columnar or elongated, and it tends to be cut into a pear or oval shape to enhance its yield. For this reason, there are some important settings that you should think about choosing. A ring setting such as the bezel has to protect the gemstone from accidental knocks. An adept jeweler should be able to position metal claws in a way that these do not put stress on topaz’s ‘cleavage plane’. Gemstones that are less elongated tend to be put in halo ring settings.

Its Benefits And Drawbacks

Every gemstone has pros and relative cons, and topaz is no exception. One of its downsides is that topaz is so fragile that it can scratch more easily than you might think. Besides, color- or heat-treated topaz’s color is likely to fade if the stone touches chemicals or is exposed to high heat. This means you should not clean it with artificial household cleaning products, lotions and other chemical items. You will have to avoid going into warm water bodies and having a shower, wearing a treated topaz.

Anyhow, there are many benefits to purchasing a topaz-set ring. For starters, it will be cheaper than a big diamond. All people cannot pay for diamond ring settings. Topaz will help you to have a bigger looking stone for a small part of a diamond’s price. Topaz can also take the kind of polish that is perfect for a shining ring stone.

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