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Congrats; you have finally decided to take your relationship to the next level and pop the question. In most cases, you will be brainstorming to pick the perfect diamond ring design to impress your better half. This process can be a bit challenging and time-consuming since you will have to consider multiple factors such as her lifestyle, personality, interests, dislikes, etc. While choosing diamond engagement rings for a normal girl is this exhausting and confusing, what if one’s partner is a professional? On top of that, what if the girl is into the medical field?

What kind of diamond ring design will look practical and beautiful on her finger? Will it be appropriate to choose an understated and boring diamond ring design since they are likely to use their hands24X7? What are the important and unique factors that you must consider when choosing a diamond engagement ring for a doctor? Are you also wondering about such questions? Then, refer to the points below to figure out the right diamond engagement ring choice for your special doctor. You can also visit rockher.com to have more such tips.

Significant factors to consider when choosing diamond engagement rings for doctors

The main consideration that you must take into account while choosing a sparkler for your partner, in this case, is that the ring does not pop her glove. On a related note, doctors are likely to use their hands regularly to diagnose and treat their patients. Of course, they will wear a glove while doing any such task because of hygienic reasons. Plus, they tend to wash their hands constantly. Hence, you must make sure that the ring does not pose any issue or danger in this case.

There is a sea of options when it comes to the type of practitioners in the medical field. So, you must think about the medical field your significant other is practicing in before spending your hard-earned bucks on a diamond ring. Note that the diamond engagement ring design appropriate for the medical professionals working in a clinical room is entirely different from that of a ring design for an emergency room doctor.

When it comes to the former, they tend to work fast and are likely to use multiple tools, machines, and sutures for testing and diagnosis. In this case, it is better to choose a ring design that boasts low-set diamonds. Otherwise, the chances for her valuable diamonds to get damaged hitting hard on a machine or tool are high.

Furthermore, high profile diamond engagement ring settings like a prong-set solitaire design or the ones that include diamonds with sharp corners like the princess cut, marquise cut, etc., are likely to pop the gloves. This can hinder her job since she will have to replace her broken glove before continuing with the task. If the same thing happens with a surgeon or a doctor who is placed in an emergency room, it can hurt her patients and may pose a multitude of problems for her making your romantic connotation a nightmare.

Things tend to be worse if this happens during a medical procedure since it can even risk the life of the patient. Note that every second counts in a surgical procedure. Needless to mention, people suffering because of your missteps is likely to be the biggest trauma anyone will ever go through. Things tend to be worse when it comes to doctors since they have a duty of care towards their patients and are expected to save their lives not to endanger it.

The type of diamonds or its setting must not be your only reasons for concern in this case. Rather, you must mull over the right metal choice for your partner as well. It is worth noting that doctors tend to work in a different environment and hence, the metal of their rings must be able to resist to bacteria along with withstanding the daily wear and tear.

If you are wondering about the right metal choice, platinum is the hands-on winner. However, it is a bit high in density. In case you have your eye on a white gold diamond engagement ring, choose a ring that is coated with rhodium to enhance its strength and wear resistance. Nevertheless, the coating tends to wear off over time and you will have to re-plate it.

Similarly, it is highly recommended to stay away from silver diamond ring designs since the metal is susceptible to dings and scratches. When it comes to bacteria resistance, keep in mind that no metal is 100% resistant to bacteria. The only way to tackle this issue is by cleaning your diamond rings regularly. Hence, make sure that your better half will have enough time to spare for this process.

If you are wondering about the perfect diamond engagement ring design for your future life partner who is a busy doctor, some of the popular choices include a simple halo diamond ring, twisted pair shank diamond ring, trellis oval diamond ring, channel set solitaire diamond ring, bezel solitaire diamond ring, etc.

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