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It is seen that it takes a lot of time for the groom to purchase a perfect diamond ring for the bride. Since it is the first and most important part of the wedding, every man will ensure that the ring is elegant and beautiful. He would also make sure that the ring to be a symbol of their love and friendship. Even if all these demands can be achieved, the most difficult problem while shopping for the wedding ring is determining the size of the ring.

Since there are many types of engagement rings and wedding rings available in the market with different sizes, designs, and shapes, finding the exact size that matches the bride in her absence is the hardest task. Since the ring size is a major concern while purchasing diamond rings for someone else, there is an option to resize the same if it misfits after purchase.

The Perfect Fit

A ring is said to fit perfectly only of it provides a comfortable fit on the finger of the wearer and also the ring should be easy to wear. If the ring is a bit loose or a bit tighter, then the ring is not a perfect fit for the wearer’s hand. If it is found that the ring is not fitting as required, then resizing the same with the help of a jewelry manufacturer would be a better choice.

Another problem when the ring is not of the perfect size is that the ring may rotate around the finger. This is also an uncomfortable situation while using a ring. This problem can be easily solved without full resizing of the same but with placing a sizing assistant inside the ring, which will restrict the rotation of the ring around the finger without making it snug fit.

The Process of Resizing

A diamond ring can be resized to make it both smaller and larger. Normally a ring can be resized about two sizes forward and backward. To make the ring to the ring smaller the process will start by cutting off a piece from the ring. After cutting the maker will reconnect both ends of the ring, and will solder and polish it to create a perfect finish. Due to the finishing works after resizing, there will exist no evidence that the ring was resized for the naked eyes.

Making the ring large is harder than resizing the same to a small size. If it requires only a small alteration, then the maker may expand the size by heating the metal and if it is required to make it much larger than its smaller size the process is a little complicated. The maker will make cutting on the band and will add an extra piece on the same to make it larger. Similar to the process of making it smaller the maker will also solder and polish the same to create a beautiful look.

Things to Know Before Resizing

The basic quality a ring should possess to get resized is that, the material used to make the ring should be metals like gold, silver or platinum. Since some metals like tungsten, rose gold and titanium are harder than normal metals, the rings made with these metals are not normally resized. The design of the ring also determines whether the ring can be resized or not. For example, the diamond ring designs like the eternity band cannot be resized much further since there is no space on the same to do the resizing process.

Even though resizing a ring is a delicate and complicated process, it normally takes only a maximum of 15 days to complete the process. The resizing process is also not much costly if the work performed by the craftsmen is small and it may become very expensive if the work is so much complicated.

Ring Size Hacks

Since there are many rings which cannot be resized due to several reasons, there are some methods to make it perfectly fit the wearer. Using a ring assistant or a ring guard is the most effective among those methods. A ring assistant is a tool which is fixed inside the ring to make it tighter for the user. Using a second ring inside the original ring can also help to make the ring fit better. It is not advised to follow these tricks regularly, since, there is a chance that these tools may damage the original ring over time.

It is always better to consult the jeweler if there are any size issues or any other issues related to the ring. Seeking advice from other ring makers can also be considered if it is evident that the person is an expert in altering the ring.

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