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Diamond Engagement Rings

No fashion element can stay relevant for what seems like an eternity. Or can they? Checking up the styles in diamond engagement rings lets you understand the meaning of timelessness. There are some ring styles that did not lose their relevance in the influx of new ring styles that emerge every year.

The solitaire and halo are traditional ring styles that have been around for years. In this session, we walk you through these timeless ring styles.

Solitaire Ring

Any piece of jewelry with a single piece of diamond is referred to as a solitaire. Many prefer solitaire diamond engagement rings to mark the beautiful journey they are beginning together. The ring style presents the diamond with all its charm and elegance, and no wonder why a vast majority of people choose solitaire rings for their engagement.

Selecting the right shape has a major influence in deciding the overall aesthetic appeal of the engagement ring. Round brilliant, cushion and emerald are some of the popular cuts in solitaire rings. The round brilliant cut has the maximum sparkle owing to its multifaceted style that shows off the full depth of the stone.

The next step after choosing the diamond cut for the solitaire is the selection of the setting. A perfect balance between the security of the stone and the aesthetic appeal of the ring is always expected in a ring setting. Popular ring settings for solitaires include prong, tension and bezel, each contributing differently to the security and brilliance of the diamond. Prong settings are known for their minimalistic nature, as the center stone is held in place by the claw like prongs in the setting. They cover minimal surface area of the diamond without affecting its sparkle much.

Halo Engagement Rings

If a solitaire is all about the single piece of center stone, a halo is all about the center diamond adorned by tiny diamonds that encircle it .The setting makes the center diamond look bigger than its actual size, meaning that you get a bigger bang for your buck.

The features of the halo style make it easy for cuts like pear and marquise whose pointed edges discourage people from choosing it out of the fear of damage. The tiny diamonds that surround the diamond keeps the center stone secure and save it from possible damages.

Time fails in challenging some traditional engagement ring styles that remain relevant centuries after they were introduced. The solitaire and halo ring styles are inarguably two among the timeless engagement ring designs that can never lose their relevance for they are timeless pieces.

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