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Gold Engagement Rings

What many of us do not realize is that “Karat” is different from “Carat”. In “Karat” the “K” indicates the percentage of gold within jewelry. For instance, a wedding band of 18 karat gold comprises of 75% gold. There are three types of gold— rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold. Below is a discussion on the different aspects of the purity of precious metals in gold engagement rings.

Alloying of Yellow Gold

100% gold or 24 karats gold is highly malleable and is easily dented. Therefore, it is mixed or alloyed with other metals like copper and zinc so that it becomes durable. The higher the karat, the easier it is for your jewelry to pick up scratches or dents. This is the reason why it is advisable to use 14k or 18k gold for engagement rings.

The Numbers

Below is a discussion of the distribution of gold in jewelry based on karat amounts.

9 Karat Yellow Gold

9k jewelry has only 37.5% gold within them. Since such jewelry has a very low gold content, it is not sold as gold within the US. However, due to the presence of other metals in higher amounts, it is much stronger and durable.

14 Karat Yellow Gold

14k jewelry is composed of 58% gold. Due to the higher amounts of metals present in it, it is highly durable. They do not pick up scratches or dents as easily as the 18k gold ornaments. For this reason, it is advisable for those lead an active lifestyle and makes good use of hands. It is a much better option for such people when compared to 18k gold. 14k is also ideal for designs involving a larger number of diamonds or intricate designs. This is because the metal is stronger and is able to hold the diamonds in place in a more stable way.

18 Karat Yellow Gold

18k is made of 75% gold. Hence, it costs more than 14k gold. However, there is a visible difference of color with 18k showing more intensity. The difference in color is difficult to spot on more intricate designs. It is therefore advisable to use 18k for simple designs and 14k for the more complicated designs.

22 Karat Yellow Gold

22k contains 91.67% pure gold. It is usually not strong enough to hold gemstones and is used for necklaces.

Different karat gold brings different properties. Therefore, bear these factors in mind before choosing the jewelry for you.

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