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Diamond Engagement Rings

It is just about every woman’s dream to own a gigantic mounted gemstone and wear it on her finger in a way people can see and admire it. There are many ways to make your diamond rings look bigger in terms of stone size, as well as a few to make sure you buy something that looks big enough for your taste. No matter how modest your budget may be, you can still do this without getting something with a truly heavy carat weight. Below are some tips using which you should be able to get a bigger sized diamond for your ring.

Get the Best Cut

It is the diamond cut that actually defines the way in which your diamond sparkles. That specific type of shine comes as a result of the way light is reflected from the facets and angles in the stone. GIA has categorized the various cut grades of diamonds into Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. The quality of cut determines the amount of light reflected by a diamond and thus, plays a huge role in how large the stone appears to be.

A renowned diamond producer advised the following: “Make sure that your diamond is very well cut. A well-cut diamond with proper angles and facets will not only be beautiful and brilliant but look larger. The carat weight will be in its proper place where it adds to the visual dimension of the stone.”

When it comes to choosing round cut diamond, it is always best to choose the “Excellent” cut grade when buying a diamond with a certificate issued by GIA. On the other hand, if you opt for a fancy diamond cut, you may need the guidance of a trustworthy gemologist to choose the right cut grade. However, you should also rely on your own opinion regarding the appearance of the stone, because that aspect matters a lot. A diamond that is cut very well would always appear bright and sparkly.

Get a Halo Setting

One of the ways to make your main diamond look big is by increasing the number of diamonds which are attached to the ring. If you are able to add more diamonds all around, the total sparkle coming from the ring goes up, and this would ultimately cause the illusion of a bigger center stone. This is one of the popular techniques used by many brides-to-be to craft the illusion of a bigger engagement ring.

For instance, if you had a halo of smaller diamonds around your center stone, the latter would look a lot bigger than otherwise. The halo setting is also a perfect way to increase the total carat weight of your ring while avoiding high cost, for the simple fact that a single diamond of the same carat weight always costs more than a bunch collectively weighing the exact amount. For instance, two ½ carat diamonds would cost much less than a single 1-carat diamond, and there is also more room for modification in the former case.

Decrease the Thickness of the Band

The size of the band which is paired with the stone too plays a great role in how big or small the latter looks. If you are pairing a thick band together with an average-sized diamond, the gem would look tiny almost as a rule. On the other hand, if you use a thin and delicate band to set the stone (or a halo of stones) on, the center stone would look much bulkier. When choosing a delicate band, you may also want to get something that gets smaller where it approaches centerpiece. This variety of band is commonly known as a pinched shank. Using one, you would really be able to enhance the apparent size of the center stone. In addition to that, a thin band could also provide more room for different diamond shapes, while also making it possible to wear almost any type of stone more comfortably.

Choose a Moissanite Stone

Moissanite is actually a variety of silicon carbide that occurs naturally. It is said that it comes from meteorites, and it is actually found only on places near volcanoes. It is extremely rare to find a natural Moissanite and because of that, it is always best to rely on lab-created moissanites that are made directly using silicon carbide materials. One of the advantages of purchasing a lab-grown Moissanite is that it is much cheaper than a diamond as well as other gemstones on a per-carat basis, which means for the same price, you can get a stone of bigger size.

When viewed side by side, diamonds and lab-grown moissanites can look exactly the same at first. A closer look would reveal that moissanites actually exhibit a different kind of fire than diamonds do. Lab-grown moissanites tend to show much more detail in the faceting pattern, thus increasing the sparkle of the stone and giving a more diverse rainbow of colors than a diamond could.

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