Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Engagement Rings
Princess Cut Engagement Rings

In the past few months, the popularity of princess cut engagement rings has risen exponentially. Many of the couples are choosing princess cut diamonds for their engagement rings because of the exceptional distribution of light and affordability. It was in the year 1979 princess cut was created and people started to notice it.

A few of the major benefits of buying a princess cut diamond ring are shared below.

Less Expensive

When compared to most of the other diamond cuts, princess cut diamond rings are very low in cost and still gives you a beautiful diamond. One of the main factors that determine the price of a diamond cut is the amount of diamond that0020is lost during the cutting process. In the case of princess cut, the diamond loss during the cutting process is less when compared to other diamond cuts and hence the low cost of princess cut engagement rings.

Better Flash And Fire

The flash and fire of a prince cut diamond are better than that of a round brilliant cut diamond. Due to the better flash and fire of the princess cut diamond, it really catches the eye. However, some brides may claim that round brilliant diamond has a better flash. When they see a princess cut diamond with many facets, they may change their opinion.

Looks Bigger

The main feature of the princess cut is that it creates an optical illusion of making the diamond look bigger than its actual size and carat weight. However, the diamond may not appear bigger if it is not cut properly and the light is not correctly reflecting off the diamond. Therefore, you should choose a princess cut diamond with a high-quality cut.

Hides The Flaws Better

The princess cut engagement ring has 57-76 facets and they are very good at hiding the blemishes of the diamond. The multiple facets of the princess cut disperse the light throughout the diamond and hide its flaws perfectly. Diamonds with high clarity are usually expensive and even though the princess cut diamond is low in clarity, you cannot see the blemishes. This makes the princess cut great for a lower price.

Has A Modern Cut

The princess cut is a modern cut. The wearer can find a princess cut to be modern while also being timeless and classic. It is the best choice for those who have a hard time deciding the look they want for their engagement ring.

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