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Diamond Ring Facts

The most important feature you should consider when buying diamonds is the cut of the stone. The same goes true even when you are shopping for diamond rings. However, the fact of the matter is that most people prioritize the carat weight of the stone. So it is natural for people to ask the question in the title to get an idea about how much they should purchase.

The average diamond weight which people purchase for their engagement ring is one carat. One thing you need to know about diamonds is that the advertised carat weight may or may not be the same as the actual weight. Advertising diamonds this way is a standard practice among all jewelers in the industry, and there is nothing wrong in that. So if you buy a one carat diamond, the weight of it may be shy above or below that point.

Does This Average Matter?

To answer it simply, NO, it does not. You should not let the average size influence your diamond or engagement ring budget. Getting something you can pay for is the more important thing. The engagement ring is a token of your commitment, love and promise. Going into debt attempting to reach the one carat point is something you do not want, especially if it is beyond your budget.

You do not want to compromise on quality either, just to achieve your goal. For instance, maybe somebody’s budget is $3,500 but wishes to hit the average. You can purchase a one carat stone for a lesser price than that, and have some money left for the ring setting. However, it will be a poor quality stone that looks dull. Purchasing a smaller stone with an “excellent” grade cut makes more sense.

The bottom line is that the carat size of the stone is a personal choice. In the event you can afford it, great for you. Otherwise, do not let the average number scare you. Approach it just like you would approach the good old diamond marketing philosophy: you need to spend two to three month’s salary on an engagement ring. The fact is that you do not really have to. It is more important to purchase a piece that corresponds with your budget. Do not make the size your top priority, especially at the cost of beauty.

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