Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings

No matter what you love doing, whether it is mountain climbing or gardening, you need to use your hands. In fact, you might have noticed that everything you do involves your hand. This makes the ring you wear susceptible to damages. Therefore, it is necessary that you wear rings which are made up of stones that have long-lasting shine, durable metal band and a sturdy design. The ring you wear has to be strong if you lead an active life. Especially if you do not want your engagement or wedding ring to break when you are in between something important! They are not only costly but also of emotional significance. Therefore, the sustainability of the jewellery you use daily are more important than you think.

Here is a list of durable metals that you can use to make diamond rings or diamond bands.


If you are looking for the strongest metal for your ring, palladium is what you need. It is a little stronger than platinum according to the Mohs hardness scale which is the standard scale used to measure the hardness of metals and gemstones. Palladium is measured to have value of 4.75 while platinum has only 4.5. Palladium is usually not used to make rings since it is expensive. However, gold and palladium are mixed in fixed proportions to give white gold.


The second strongest metal is platinum. Being very rare, it is expensive and also high in demand due to its durability. Platinum is the first choice of those who want a silvery band which does not break off easily. It does not react with oxygen and hence, does not corrode. It is highly recommended to use platinum for rings with high prongs.

Yellow, Rose, And White Gold

Gold is a common metal used to make rings. However, pure gold breaks quickly because of which gold ornaments are usually alloys. Nickel, copper, zinc and silver are the common metals with which gold is mixed to give alloys. The karat of a gold ornament shows us how much gold is present in the alloy. 24kt gold is the purest and weakest. Most of the ornaments bought are of 14kt, 18kt or 21kt.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver contains only 92.5 percent silver. It is an alloy of silver with copper. This alloy is stronger than silver and is a more preferred choice to make rings and other ornaments. Many people like the tarnished look that this alloy develops over time. There are also some who buy the alloy ring because they like the worn off edges of these rings.

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