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One thing every bride wonders sooner or later is whether or not she needs an engagement ring in the first place. Many jump the traditional bandwagon and go with what seems easy in the face of so many overwhelming emotions. Others cling to their own individual preferences and beliefs when it comes to something so easily overlooked and yet vital. Following are reasons why some brides opt out of the engagement ring tradition almost completely.


This one makes the most sense, because after you are hitched, you still need your finances in good order just so that you can make headway in today’s competitive and circuitous world. An inexpensive ring can cap today’s achievements later on in life, but foregoing it can open up avenues for plenty more things to do. The money you would otherwise have spent on a costly ring could go towards finishing school, buying a home, supporting a family, etc.


People who work a lot with their hands are better off having their fingers free of ornaments for most of the day, and this includes engagement rings for women and men. Doctors, dentists, and personal health professionals would instantly recognize the need to keep their fingers free of all physical impediments. Instead of picking out something and having it gather dust in a box somewhere at home, some brides simply skip buying an engagement ring.


People getting engaged often have to field questions about when they plan to tie the knot, and this would normally continue up until the point they actually got around to it. Couples planning long engagements often forego visually obvious signs of commitment to get around this problem. In other words, if no one sees a ring on your finger, then no one knows to ask you or your other half about your wedding plans and things can take a much smoother course.


Some women do not wear diamond rings, simply because this does not suit their personal style. In such cases, the relationship they have with their partner often works on the understanding that overt displays of commitment are unnecessary. A promise ring might work instead, but is opted for very rarely.

With all of that being said, if none of the above reasons apply to you, then you should really be focusing on getting a wonderful ring to show off to friends and family. Just the thought of all the joy it would bring you and your loved ones should be enough to get you to land a splendid purchase following ample research.

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