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Ring Shopping Mistakes

There are few purchases, which are as big an emotional investment as an engagement ring. Being a vital part of any proposal these days, a diamond ring is something that demands great deliberation before buying, because hopefully, you will not be getting something quite like this ever again. That requires keeping a cool head so that you do not end up making one of the following mistakes.

Not Doing your Homework

No one is born clued-up about diamonds and jewelry; everyone, including experts and even salespeople, puts in some effort studying these things before they can sound smart speaking on the topic. You may not need knowledge on the same level as them, but when shopping for a beautiful engagement ring, you need some idea of what to look for. Most importantly, you want to know you partner’s preferences, and understand how they would figure into a purchase. Find out what colors, shapes, and styles make her go wide-eyed in appreciation. If she favors vintage pieces, stay away ultra modern designs, and so on.

Guessing Her Ring Size

This is ill-advised on so many levels, but for any man, just the one image of his sweetheart saying “Yes” and then struggling to put on a loose (or tight) ring should be enough. Borrow one of her rings when she is not looking, get its size, and put it back before she notices. If that cannot be done, ask one of her friends to help you find out her ring size. Under no circumstances should you go with a speculated size, because that kind of move is what disasters are made of.

Going Ring Shopping during Peak Season

Anytime from November to February (popularly called “the engagement season”) is bad for diamond ring shopping if you care about keeping things in budget. It is when everyone comes out in numbers to get the best proposal rings at stores. Waiting it out would mean the chance to buy something of the same quality for a lot cheaper, because of the lower demand during the remaining months. If you want something custom-made to propose with, expect to put in at least 2 weeks of your time to do it right.

Remembering these things can help a lot, so save this somewhere your girlfriend cannot see it. If all goes well, you will have spared yourself significant headache, and maybe also a few hundred dollars’ worth of expense.

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