Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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Most millennial couples tend to steer away from the traditional diamond ring shapes in order to stand out from the crowd. Square diamond ring cuts are the ideal options that you may consider in such cases. When it comes to square diamond cuts, the main choices that you may come across will be the princess cut, cushion cut, and Asscher cut diamonds. Even though all these gemstones feature the same shape, they boast their own unique characteristics such as light performance, appeal, durability, etc.

Naturally, you will be confused when it comes to choosing a single option. In order to help you out this, below is a brief comparison between the three different types of diamonds.

Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, and Asscher Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are the most popular fancy diamond cuts. This brilliant cut diamond features intricate faceting patterns that result in an incredible light performance. People who crave for extreme sparkle and classiness always consider princess cut diamond rings.

Cushion cut diamond, on the other hand, is square shaped with rounded corners. Their unique shape actually resembles a pillow or cushion; hence the name. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings will be a great option for all the brides who admire sparklers that can carry both vintage and stylish appeal equally. Two of the popular cushion cut variants are chunky cushion cut and crushed ice cushion cut.

When it comes to Asscher cut diamonds, their appeal is entirely different from princess cut and cushion cut engagement rings, as they feature long step cuts. As a result, these diamonds offer a mirror-like reflection rather than an incredible sparkle, which is usually seen in cushion cut and princess cut diamonds.

Which Cut Offers the Best Sparkle?

Brilliant cut diamonds refer to a faceting pattern that is neither linear nor parallel to the edges of a diamond. As a result, such diamonds reflect the light to the fullest and sparkle to the best. On the contrary, step cut refers to a faceting pattern that runs parallel to the diamond edges. This will make diamonds more luster than brilliance.

Princess cut diamonds are brilliant stones that are well crafted in a way to enhance their sparkle. Cushion cut diamonds also come under brilliant variety. However, its sparkle depends on the type of cushion cut. It will be worth noting that crushed ice cushion cut diamond engagement rings will be way brilliant than its chunky counterparts.

As mentioned, the light performance of the Asscher cut diamond is entirely different from that of princess cut and cushion cut diamonds. The main attraction of step cut Asscher cut stones is the extreme clarity and soft appeal that are trivial in princess cut and cushion cut diamonds.

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