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Are you going to get engaged in the winter? Was it in the same season you met your future spouse for the first time? Does winter have any other special significance in your life? Here are some ways to incorporate your preference for winter into your new engagement ring.

Select Warm Colored Gemstones

Amber, earthy brown, yellow and deep red tones are synonymous with autumn. The good thing is that these tones are plentiful in the world of gemstones. Some popular gems are morganite (similar in color to rose gold), padparadscha sapphire (ranging from pale pink color to deep amber), and citrine (fire orange).

If your budget permits, you can go big and select a fancy diamond with a yellow or brown shade. For a full autumnal effect, it is recommended that you choose a colored gemstone as your center stone – it is a huge trend today, but accent gemstones are also good options if you are slightly more traditional.

Choose Rose Gold

Rose gold is undoubtedly the metal of choice for an autumnal-themed engagement ring. The rosy shade is made by adding some amount of copper to pure yellow gold. The more alloy added, the rosier the shade of rose gold will be. This variant of gold suits all skin tones. It looks fantastic especially with morganite, but works with bold colored gems and diamond as well. Just make sure the shade of gemstone you choose matches the shade of your rose gold engagement rings.

Get a Halloween-Themed Piece

The highlight of fall has to be Halloween, the most popular fancy-dress night you will have all year. For something non-traditional and quirky, why not think about choosing a Halloween-themed engagement ring? It does not have to be too corny a design with witches hats and pumpkins, even spider designs and skull shapes are worth a go. If that does not float your boat, then you could also work the conventional Halloween colors, orange and black, with a mixture of tungsten and citrine or black tungsten carbide in your ring band.

Leaf Motifs

Falling leaves is the one memorable symbol of autumn for basically every person. This lends itself well to people who like embellished or vintage-style engagement rings. Engraved or embossed motifs are a common theme in antique and vintage rings, especially Victorian-style ones. Think shoulder accents, elaborate settings, or intricately decorated bands. For truly autumnal feel, couple this with autumnal colored gems as small accent stones. Have a diamond set on top of accent gems and you will have the ideal balance of conventional style with unique twist.

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