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So you are in love and you want to pop the question to your lover, but what about the day on which to do it? If you are a romantic, a just another day proposal will not do it for you. What you may be seeking is a proposal on one among the most popular days in the calendar year for this. So before you start shopping for diamond engagement rings, or any other pieces, consider when it is most popular to propose.

Christmas Eve

A number of families exchange presents on the evening of December 24 rather than on Christmas. For this reason, it appears rational that many propose on this special day too. Christmas Eve’s dinner tends to be a special event, so a marriage proposal before, in the course of or after it will add to the holiday feeling.

Christmas Day

There is no more popular day for a proposal than Christmas, and for good reason. This is, of course, one among the most festive days of the calendar year. Almost everyone is away from work this day, so it is understandable why it is the choicest time for giving gifts. Further, because almost every couple spends time with their family and friends on Christmas, gathering loved ones for a party after the proposal is easy.

Valentine’s Day

Unless you have just arrived from another planet, you will know what is special about February 14th. It is the most popular proposal day after Christmas, and one where romance is in the air. We also must admit that getting an engagement ring on this day is a better proposition than a bouquet of roses. It is not more popular than Christmas for proposals, maybe because popping the question is itself scary for some, and even more so, on this day. So it is normal to feel a sense of trepidation about whether he or she will say yes to you.

Independence Day

All Americans know that the Fourth of July is a special day in the US’s history, and that the nation celebrates it with fireworks. However, do you know that it is the most popular day to be engaged that falls outside of the November to February period? It is understandable why this is the case – almost everyone is off duty on the US Independence Day, and it is popular for travel and vacations.

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