Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Rings Maintenance Tips

You are likely to wear your diamond engagement rings for the rest of your life. Even though diamonds are the hardest minerals found on the earth, it demands proper maintenance. Some people may think that how hard it will be to protect a brilliant rock attached to a metal setting. Actually, it is way harder than you think. However, you need not have to panic because there are certain ways with which you can enhance the longevity of your lustrous bauble. Some of those amazing tips with which you can enhance the durability of your sparkling diamond rings are listed below.

Take off your diamond engagement rings while bathing

Some people have a misconception that wearing diamond rings while bathing will clean the rings as well. Mind that this is utter stupidity and this habit can negatively affect the lifespan of your ornament. There will be many chemicals in the shampoos and the bath essentials that you use. Some of these chemical compounds tend to discolor and micro-scratch diamonds. It can also corrode the metal settings of your ring. Additionally, the chances for the soap residue to accumulate on your ring are high here. This will affect the brilliance as well as the durability of your sparkler. Hence, make sure to take off your diamond engagement rings when you shower.

 Never keep your diamond rings at risky areas

Most people will be extremely fond of their diamond rings and tend to take it off before indulging in any hands-on activities. However, the danger here is that some userstend to forgetwearing back their sparklers and often leave it at some awkward locales. For instance, many women have the habit of keeping their diamonds rings at the side of their kitchen sink, bathroom shelf, bed-side table, etc. Note that the side of your sink will be soaked with filmy water that can damage your ring. Similarly, the chances for your diamond ring to fall on the floor hitting hard are high in case of shelves. In short, you can never rule out the chances of some unfortunate incidents in these cases. So, always keep a strong and soft ring dish to stash your valuable diamond engagement rings.

Diamond ring maintenance

While you can clean your diamond rings regularly at home, it is mandatory to take it to a professional in case of maintenance. Note that since you are likely to wear your diamond engagement rings daily, the chances for the issues such as loosened prongs, tiny scratches, chipping, etc., are high. If you tried to repair it on your own or clean it despite these damages, it will badly affect the lifespan of your diamond engagement rings for sure.

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