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Picking out an engagement ring is hard enough, especially when the person it is intended for prefers it as a surprise. If your best friend’s boyfriend shows up asking for help with this, it is because they could not ask for a better guide than you – the person that best understands her deepest likes and dislikes. Chances are your friend has already talked about these things at length, and on more than one occasion; this is certainly the best occasion to put that information to use.

Getting Info

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering information. If your friend has IM’d you images of proposal rings in the past that she liked at the time, make sure that factors into your considerations. Also check out rings she may have liked on social media, most specifically Pinterest. All the small things you see there could prove vital to picking out a ring that suits her. If you do not have enough to work with, try getting her to reveal any strong preferences she has in mind, without actually asking her outright. Even if all you get out of that is a favored style, it still lets you know what direction to head in.

Helping the Boyfriend

Take the information you just gathered, and share it with your friend’s boyfriend. Ask him about his budget, and “help” him pick a store or jeweler to start looking at. In all probability, he would have no idea where to being, so be prepared to take the initiative. If possible, accompany him to the store and help him weigh the options he sees there.

Providing Support

You do not need to be fond of this guy to help him do what he is there to do. Lay aside any differences, and let him know you will be there when he needs help. Watch out for signs of panic, and bring him back on track if he gets distracted. Find a sales associate who sympathizes, and is eager to help the two of you navigate the specifics surrounding each brand and item. If your earlier planning included shortlisting brands by budget, mention that first off, so that the salesperson can point you to what you are looking for.

Focus on finding a ring as close as possible to her dream ring. Try on different rings so that your “accomplice” has a frame of reference to judge them by. If he is indecisive, help him by laying out the pros and cons in a way he understands, but ultimately, make sure he realizes that this is his decision to make.

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