Like everything that is part of the fashion cycle, the trends in engagement rings too change every year with modern styles getting adopted or vintage styles being rediscovered. By speaking volumes about the fashion and aesthetics of its time period, every engagement ring style is more of a signature of the particular time period it stayed in trend.

Here are some of the engagement ring styles that are going to be in the limelight in 2020.

Fancy Cut

There is no denying that round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut, but if you want to experiment something different you could go for a fancy cut. You have a plenty of shape options in fancy cuts and you just have to pick your favorite shape.

Emerald, oval, marquise, heart shaped etc are some of the options in fancy cuts and all are brilliant ways to add a touch of your persona into your ring. Oval shapes are well crafted to add irresistible brilliance and fire to the diamond and the shape has 56 facets. Many admire elongated shapes like pear shape and the peculiar shape makes the diamond look bigger than its actual size by creating an optical illusion.

Kite shape, lozenges, octagon and many more, the shape options are in plenty. There is an unconventional charm about fancy shapes and they are not expensive as round cut diamonds further increasing its popularity.

Hidden Halo Diamond Rings

They are definitely not something new and unfamiliar but the charm of the central stone surrounded by smaller diamonds is irresistible. The halo diamond rings have got a makeover and the new style, namely the hidden halo diamond ring will undoubtedly be a trendsetter in 2020.

Unlike in a traditional halo setting the surrounding diamonds are placed beneath the stone making the ring look like a solitaire when viewed from the top and from the inside the halo detailing enhances the beauty of the stone just like in a halo diamond.

If you are a fan of the halo ring style but want to experiment a different version of the popular style, you can confidently go ahead with the hidden halo ring style.

Two Stone Engagement Rings

Every diamond cut is a masterpiece and if you get to adopt two cuts in single ring, you will definitely stand out of the crowd. Two stone engagement rings are called Toi et Moi rings in French which means “for you and me”. The stones that sit side by side in a two stone engagement ring announce the meaning of the relationship by symbolizing the union of two souls. The two-stone style has been in use before some three centuries, and is presently one of the most sought-after engagement ring styles.

Rose Cut

If you want a ring style picked from the throwback list, you may go with the rose cut diamond ring that resembles a rose bud with its domed top and flat bottom. The cut was quite popular in the 1500s and it lacks the pavilion that most of the complex cuts have. This feature combined with the lesser number of facets makes the diamond look glossier but the diamond looks larger than its actual carat weight owing to its flat bottom.

Vintage Styles

The intricate details in a Vintage diamond ring takes you back in time owing to the vintage feel the milgrain and filigree touches give that adds to the diamond’s charm and authenticity. Vintage styles are timeless that will not become outdated at any point of time.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

The style is not a modern one, but one that has been in use before several years and is rich in symbolism just like two stone rings. The three stone setting is also called trilogy setting and the stones represent a couple’s past, present and future by symbolizing friendship, love and fidelity.

The setting offers options of customization by giving space to decide the combination of stone colors and shapes. You can make the ring personalized by choosing your favorite stone shapes and colors and combining it in your own way.


Adding two or more bands on the sides of the engagement ring is a way of using multiple rings to make a signature statement. To give a dynamic look to the engagement ring, you can pair it with other rings that complement it really well and offer an attractive layered look.

No element in fashion remains in trend all the time and the same applies to engagement ring styles as well. New styles come up in engagement rings every year, which are often created by adapting details of traditional ring styles into modern styles and making a perfect blend of both to create a style that suits the time period.

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