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When you think of celebrities, you tend to picture those with larger than life personas and jewelry with a bling factor. However, not all rich and famous people are like that and have such ornaments. For some, having no bling is not at all an issue. This list contains celebrities who presently own and once owned such simple engagement rings. To know more, you can visit

Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow star from The Avengers movies got a 11-carat diamond piece from the multitalented artist, Colin Jost. That is not simple by any means, but before she was married to actor Ryan Reynolds, who is known for his titular role in the film Deadpool. That ring had a solitaire weighing about 2 carats, which is modest compared to almost every other celebrity bling you find online.

Amy Adams

This actor has a ring with a one-carat brilliant cut centerpiece, surrounded by a halo of diamonds. She got it from her actor fiancé, Darren Le Gallo. Adam’s jewelry piece is made in a perfect fashion and small. This ring features no metal claws, but it has a colored stone kept hidden on the bottom of it.

Mila Kunis

This actor always appeared to be an unassuming lady. She married Ashton Kutcher, who she previously romanced on the screen too. Her jewelry piece is, similar to Scarlett Johansson’s, simple but beautiful. It features a round brilliant diamond, weighing up to about 3 carats, which is set on a white metal band. It is understated, not something which you would associate with a famous American woman.

Michelle Obama

The same statement is applicable for Michelle, the wife of former American President Barack Obama. Given their status, you would expect her ring to be something more ostentatious than the round-shaped solitaire set on gold. It does not cost much; in 1991, they were a regular couple, not the high-profile one we know today. Even as the career of the couple ascended, her original piece remained to be just what she desired. With all that money coming into the bank, one would be tempted to upgrade their ring. In Michelle Obama’s case, sentimentalism seems to have prevailed above the prestige matter.

Katy Perry

This pop singer may be creating “Firework” (literally) behind the mic, but off it, she seems as low-profile as a commoner. Her ring from comedian cum actor Russell Brand is small, yet its design is not at all insignificant. It has a thick metal band with intricate details along the two-carat diamond setting.

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