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Purchasing an engagement ring is one of the big steps in a relationship, as well as a significant milestone. With so much significance surrounding this one particular buy, it is equally important to find the perfect engagement ring for the proposal. It is a token of love and relationship with your partner, so you need to go for the best. Purchasing the perfect one is truly an art in itself, but you can make the buying process easier by following the below steps.

Determine your Budget

It is tempting to start browsing through engagement rings for women especially on the internet, but you should first determine your budget. There is an overwhelming range of prices for them. Yet eventually, it depends upon how much spending power you have.

It is usually theorized that an engagement ring could cost your three-month salary. While it is fine to spend that much on it, you certainly do not have to buy into such theories. It is important not to wait on the buy due to the lofty price either. Purchasing the one that you can afford is more important rather than postponing the proposal until you can find something bigger or better from the market.

In case you do not walk into a jewelry store with a clear-cut budget in mind, it is tough to know where exactly to begin. Once you have established it though, you will know where to start the search.

Find Out your Intended’s Ring Size and Research Their Personal Style

Even if you go for the most trendy engagement ring style, but have got the size wrong, you have the option to have it resized later. However, it can be more romantic as well as exciting when it fits just right when your propose. The tricky part is to find the right ring size of your partner without ruining its surprise element.

An option is to take a jewelry piece she wears regularly. A jeweler can measure its size and help you purchase an engagement ring in that size. Another choice, if you are feeling good to go with it, is to measure the ring finger of your partner using a piece of string when she is asleep. Measure its length once you are done, and then you should be able to get the correct ring size.

Size matters, but it is not the only thing that does. Knowing your future spouse’s preferred jewelry style will also help greatly. You can look at her present jewelry collection for clues. Is it gold or silver? Is it shiny or subtle? Is it modern or vintage? Use this as a buying guide when considering different engagement ring styles.

Find the Engagement Ring’s Metal Band

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Before you begin looking at stones for an engagement ring, make it a point to focus on its metal band. It is a vital component of the ring. So you should make sure to go for the best option here too. Some popular choices comprise white or rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, and yellow gold.

The yellow gold metal is less durable, but it is a classic favorite for women and men alike. Platinum is very durable, but it is tough to keep it polished as well as shining for the years to come. White gold and sterling silver are now extremely popular, which makes these metals a safe bet. However, you should take into account her personality and preferences for the metal because changing that later will be very expensive.

Choose a Quality Stone

Undoubtedly, diamond is the most popular stone option for engagement rings for women. Nonetheless, you have a vast sea of other colored stone options to choose from as well. Most types of gemstones look stunning in engagement rings, especially when coupled with diamonds. Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires can be an original and beautiful way to pop the question.

In case you decide to go for a diamond engagement ring, you will want to familiarize yourself with the stone’s cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. The carat weight of a diamond is the obvious differentiating factor, one that dictates its size. The more carats it is, the pricier it will be.

Its clarity refers to how clear it is. The higher its clarity, the fewer its inclusions will be. As for the color, it ranges from ‘D’ to ‘Z’ – or from colorless stones to ones with yellow tints. Finally, its cut describes how it is shaped into; the best diamond cut can maximize its shine, highlighting its quality as well as detracting from any of its minor imperfections.

Choosing the perfect diamond setting also matters. A diamond engagement ring setting describes how its diamond is set in its band. A pave setting, for instance, comprises many diamonds, while a solitaire features a single stone.

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