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Emerald Cut Diamond Tips

Did you know that emerald diamond cut is one of the most popular of all diamond cuts? Diamond cuts are designed with the intent of bringing out maximum beauty. The emerald cut is crafted in such a way that the color intensity and the appeal of the emerald gemstones are improved. It is a unique diamond cut which tries to make a diamond resemble an emerald. Besides, it has excellent light reflection quality, tapered edges to deal with outer damages, and much more. It has its disadvantages too.

Usually, people get confused while choosing between emerald cut diamonds and round cut diamonds. Below is a discussion of some of the pros and cons of buying emerald cut diamond engagement rings for women that will help you make the right choice while buying them.

Bigger Appeal

One of the best advantages of picking an emerald cut diamond ring is that the gemstone creates an illusion of a larger diamond in comparison to the round brilliant cut diamonds. The large facets and the step cut patterns are the main reasons behind this. These factors help to bring a larger appeal to the facet that occupies the top-most position of the diamond. This makes the diamond appear larger than their carat weight. Hence, you can go with emerald cut diamonds if your top priority is the size of the diamond.

Smooth Surface

With an angled cut and a flat table, emerald cut diamonds have the appearance of a smoother surface. In the majority of the other diamond ring cuts, there are several facets and angled cuts which are intended to enhance the diamond brilliance. However, in the case of emerald cut diamonds, the smoothness helps to accentuate the color and clarity of the diamonds. This added smoothness will improve their overall appeal too.

Unique Design

An emerald cut diamond ring is the ideal option for couples looking for something unique that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. You can observe a distinct elegance in the emerald cut diamonds than the other fancy diamond cuts you usually come across. While choosing the emerald cut diamond ring, you have the freedom to choose designs that range from gaudy, chunky, and subtle styles. Furthermore, they are not very extravagant, making them classy and attractive.

Vivid Flashes

You may not be able to get the fire and brilliance that you get to see in princess cut diamonds or round brilliant diamonds with emerald cut diamonds. However, emerald cut diamonds display brilliant flashes of light when the facets are aligned at the right proportions and angles. The attractive thing about the emerald cut diamond rings is that the more you observe it, the more stunning it appears. Therefore, it is a popular choice for those couples who love to go the unconventional yet attractive way.

The Flaws

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings may not have the sparkle like round brilliant cut stone. One must keep this in mind before setting out to purchase these diamonds. Besides, one of the most standout factors that separate the emerald diamond cut from the rest is that they have very large tables. This will allow an observer to view the diamond through to the opposite side. Note that this property allows the viewers to get distracted from the facets and cut angles of the diamonds. However, it also has the disadvantage of bringing the inclusions and imperfections to the fore. Remember that the number of angled cuts and facets present in other diamond cuts masks the imperfections to a huge extent. Hence, if you plan to buy an emerald cut diamond, make sure that you go for one that has a high color quality and clarity grade. This, in turn, means that you will have to pay more for the emerald cut diamonds.

Fancy Cut

Contrary to other fancy diamond cuts, the emerald diamond cut brings a subtle character to the user’s hands. It is obvious that every customer looks for something special and glittery in the best engagement rings they would buy. Besides, fire and brilliance are two main attributes that people look for in diamonds. Therefore, if you have lustrous and shiny diamonds to go with metal settings, it will definitely be impressive in the overall appearance. Further, emerald cut diamonds are very elegant and this makes them one of the most preferred choices among women who love diamonds.

They might not be as sparkly as round cut diamonds or may not be able to conceal flaws like the other diamond cuts. Make sure you are comfortable with the positives and negatives discussed above. Overall, emerald cut diamonds are one of the best choices for those who are looking for a classy, unique, and stylish design. They are totally worth the money you spend on them.

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