Engagement Ring Ideas

A promise ring symbolizes the commitment between two people. It is often a symbol of a serious relationship that is on a developing stage. The ring shows the commitment and signifies the fidelity of two people who are in a romantic relationship. Giving and accepting the promise ring is a sign of devotion that two people have in their relationship. You can give gold diamond rings as promise rings to add a rich feel to it.

Meaning of a Promise Ring

This ring represents a promise made between two people. But the meaning of a promise ring can vary according to the people who made the promise. A promise ring might be a symbol of the love two people have towards each other, it might be a representation of a marriage that will occur in the future, it can be a sign of faithfulness and loyalty between two people or it may even stand as a reminder of a promise made by one person to another, for example, to give up smoking or to quit the use of alcohol etc.

The use of promise rings was in existence from the ancient times itself. There are evidences to show that people wore such rings as a symbol of love and affection before several hundred years. Evidences show that Roman brides used to wear such rings during the period of 2nd century BC. In England during the 2nd century BC, Posy rings which were engraved with romantic poems were in use. In the Georgian and Victorian eras, Acrostic rings which spell out a word in gemstones such as emerald, ruby, amethyst, garnet etc. were in existence. All these evidences show the use of promise ring from ancient eras.

Promise rings should not be treated lightly. They are usually exchanged between couples who have been dating for a long time and made a decision to get together in the future. Both men and women can wear promise rings. Such rings are a sign of a pledge that is taken by a couple to love and care for each other.

When thinking about a promise ring, a doubt that might arise in most people’s mind will be regarding the shape of the ring. You have no need to worry, because there is no specific shape or design for a promise ring. You can choose any ring as a promise ring.

Choosing diamond rings will make your promise special. Some people use gold diamond rings as promise rings to add more meaning to their promise. But it is up to you select the material and design of a promise ring. What is more important is your promise, not the external beauty of the ring.

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