Beautiful Engagement Rings
Beautiful Engagement Rings
Beautiful Engagement Rings

When you buy an engagement ring for women, there are several ways in which you can cut the cost without compromising on the quality of the diamond ring. If you use your brain widely, you could have some of the beautiful engagement rings in the world without emptying your pockets. There are many ways to save money, like choosing the right ring setting, the right color, etc.

Keep on reading this article to find out some easy tips that may help you in spending your money wisely and getting the most beautiful diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

Do Not Choose Popular Diamond Shapes

One of the easiest ways to save a lot of money and still buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring is by avoiding most of the popular diamond shapes available in the market. Many diamond shapes cost less but are also beautiful. In recent times, many celebrities are seen wearing oval-cut diamond rings, which increased their popularity. You should not fall for it because the price of oval rings is increasing because of their popularity.

Avoid Buying Round-Cut Diamond Rings

Owing to the huge popularity of round-cut diamonds, most people try to buy a round-cut engagement ring. However, you should note that a round-cut diamond is 25 % costlier than all other diamond shapes. The high cost of the round-cut diamond is due to its high demand. One other reason for its high price is that a lot of rough diamond is lost when the diamond is cut.

Stay Right Under The Colorless Range

Most people look for colorless diamonds. If you also want to buy a colorless diamond for your engagement ring, you should set a higher budget because colorless diamonds are very expensive. It is often recommended to buy a G color diamond because this color scale is right under the colorless range and does not cost much. A G color diamond costs 8 % less than an F color diamond.

Try To Limit Micropavé 

One of the most popular design elements in the ring settings is micropavé. However, buying a micropavé diamond engagement rings for women can be expensive because it is labor-intensive. The best thing you can do is limiting the amount of micropavé in your ring setting. This will significantly bring down the cost of the engagement ring and you still can have beautiful diamond rings.

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