Design Engagement Ring
Design Engagement Ring
Design Engagement Ring

Meghan Markle showed her engagement ring for the first time almost two years after her engagement with Prince Harry. Back then, almost everyone assumed that Meghan Markle waited that long to debut the ring as she wanted an upgraded piece. However, her spouse Prince Harry initiated the change.

The Upgrade To Markle’s Ring

The original piece of Markle was a trinity design engagement ring made of 18 karat gold. Harry described it as Markle’s favorite ring. When Markle was pregnant for the first time, she was spotted without her wedding or engagement jewelry. Almost everyone assumed that it was because of her swollen fingers.

However, Harry ordered the jewelry upgrade. Harry decided to change Markle’s ring while he got a custom infinity ring made for her as a first wedding anniversary present.

In May 2019, he surprised his spouse with a ring he had made through her favorite jeweler. The eternity band with conflict-free diamonds honored the family with Harry’s, Meghan’s, and their son Archie’s birthstones. For your information, the word conflict-free refers to diamonds mined ethically in a place for legitimate purposes. The antithesis of those diamonds gets mined and distributed with connections to terror or rebel groups.

Harry made that jewelry retailer resize Markle’s ring and reset it with a fresh metal band. The company that made jewelry pieces for the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II made its original metal band with gold.

Stories Behind Markle’s Ring

Markle’s trinity ring has three gemstones that Harry chose for her. Harry sourced the large diamond in the ring from Botswana and the other two stones from his mother Princess Diana’s collection. Harry and Markle vacationed in Botswana, so it has a special place in their hearts.

It is among the best-known yellow gold engagement rings, with smaller stones chosen to ensure that Harry’s mother stays with the couple on their journey together.

Markle And Harry’s Love Story

The couple met way back in 2016 as their mutual friends introduced them to each other. The couple announced that they got engaged in 2017 and tied the knot a year afterward. In the month of the first anniversary of their wedding, the couple welcomed their son Archie into their family.

Following years of scrutiny, they decided to go away from the UK royal family. In June 2021, the couple welcomed Lilibet, their daughter, into the family.

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