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Most guys believe that the diamond engagement ring that they gift to their partner represents their status quotient. So, you may ideally look for the best sparkling diamonds to set your engagement ring with. Unfortunately, this will not be a practical option for couples who face budget constraints. Note that you will have to take the future expenses such as wedding planning, reception, house, vehicles, etc., as well in your mind while searching for diamond engagement rings. Thankfully, there are some unique and simple tricks, with which you can nail your diamond engagement ring purchase without breaking your bank or being indebted.

Set a Budget

The first thing that you must do when it comes to any expensive purchase is to set a budget, let alone the case of diamond engagement rings. Having a pre-determined budget in mind will help you to narrow down your search and choose a suitable diamond ring for your beloved by staying within your financial limits. In addition, you will not fall prey to the influence of some salespeople in the jewelry stores.

Usually, the salespersons would try their best to make you buy their most expensive sparklers in the name of guidance. That is a big reason why couples prefer buying diamonds online these days, where they can have the peace of mind to select a ring or a loose diamond as per their liking. Yet again, having a budget set for online purchase is also equally important.

If you are wondering about how to set a budget, consider the factors like your present financial state, possible expenses in the future, the average price of diamond engagement rings these days, etc. It is worth noting that the option of diamond ring upgrade is always open and you can create your desired diamond ring in the future when you are financially stable. After all, the engagement ring is all about defining a beautiful relationship and it is not proper etiquette to ruin it by running into financial stress.

Consider Heirloom Diamond Engagement Rings

Proposing to your significant other with your heirloom diamond engagement ring will be the best way to welcome her to your family. After all, heirloom rings are the symbol of your rich family tradition and legacy. This is also a great choice to save a good amount on your diamond engagement ring expense. However, this type of antique diamond rings will be too gaudy for millennial women, and hence, it is better to tweak its design a bit before your grand proposal.

Keep the lifestyle as well as the personality of your partner in mind when you upgrade your heirloom diamond engagement rings. Note that the embellishments on antique rings will be really unique. Hence, it is recommended to consult professionals who are specialized in dealing with such sparklers. They will first assess your ring and give you an estimate of the ‘modification’ expenses. In most cases, it will be trivial when compared to the price of a brand new diamond ring.

Consider Gemstone-Studded Rings

It is not necessary that every engagement ring must flaunt a sparkling diamond at its center. You may consider other attractive gemstones as well. Of course, you need not have to take diamonds off the table. Instead, you can add a gemstone to your engagement ring and have small diamonds on the sides in order to beautify the appeal of the jewelry. One of the superior options for gemstone rings is sapphire because of its inimitable color and sparkle. In fact, some of the most celebrated engagement rings feature an alluring combination of sapphire and diamond.

Common sapphire diamond ring designs flaunt a center sapphire stone that will be beautifully encircled with a halo of tiny diamonds. This will accentuate the beauty of sapphire gemstone even better. Apart from sapphire, other suitable options include tanzanite, ruby, emerald, etc. These types of diamond engagement rings will be way affordable when compared to solitaire diamond engagement rings.

Expand your Diamond Ring Search

Usually, you may consider a decent diamond ring store and choose a sparkler that fits your budget from there. You may even compare the prices of different diamond rings at the store as well. However, this is not the right way to go. Rather, you must expand your search or you must not limit your search to one or two options. Note that searching far and near will multiply your chances to get great discount deals or bargains. For this, it is recommended to seek suggestions from your friends and relatives.

Visit as many diamond ring stores as you can and compare the price of diamond rings. This will give you a fair idea about the average diamond price as well as the latest diamond ring trends. Comparing the prices of various sparklers online will not be a bad idea either in order to ascertain the same. Furthermore, visiting pawnshops and antique diamond ring stores may sometimes give you a new perspective for your diamond ring search.

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