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Diamond engagement rings will be one of the most significant purchases in the life of couples. However, some couples may not be able to choose the right diamond rings for their engagement because of their lack of selection skills. Note that your fiancé may sometimes fail to understand your jewelry style when he plans to propose to you. Hence, the chances for him to make a wrong selection are more.

Some couples may let go of their favorite diamond engagement rings because of their limited budget as well. Thankfully, you can address all such issues by opting to upgrade your valuable sparklers. This will also give a refreshing and unique appeal to your engagement ring. If you are mulling over how to upgrade your diamond rings, some of the most striking ways are given below.

Upgrade your Solitaire to a Three Stone Diamond Ring

The best way to upgrade your diamond rings is by changing its diamond ring setting. This will instantly change the overall appeal of your sparkler. One of the best options for the couples who give preference to the symbolism of their diamond engagement rings is the three stone setting. For this, set a smaller diamond on each side of your solitaire. Together, these stones will stand for the past, the present, and the future of your relationship.

Make it Colorful

You may add a pop of color to your traditional diamond engagement rings in order to give a vibrant makeover to it. There are numerous ways for this too, such as adding colored diamonds on the sides of the main gemstone, paving colored stones like ruby or emerald on the band, changing the metal color of the ring band, etc.

Enhance your Diamond Ring

Some couples may fail to choose an extremely sparkling diamond engagement ring because of the financial constraints, but they would still love the way their rings look. In such cases, you may add a diamond ring enhancer so that it will instantly lift up the overall sparkle of your ring without altering its original appeal. Many couples choose diamond ring enhancers as their wedding bands as well. In case you are not concerned about the look of your ring, you may pave its band with melee diamonds too in order to boost up the overall bling factor of your sparkler.

You can also consider adding a halo of stones on the ring. This will enhance the overall size as well as the sparkle of your engagement ring. A layer of tiny diamonds can even create an illusion of a huge solitaire stone.

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