Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

There are many types of engagement rings in the world, they vary in model, design or on the basis of the stone that is used. If you are confused about choosing the best engagement ring for your other half, and if you are looking for a sparkling diamond ring, then consider buying a halo cut ring. A halo cut ring is a ring with a set of small diamonds circulating a larger diamond in the center. This gives an extra sparkling effect due to the mass reflection of all those stones.

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Most of the halo cut ring will be arranging the small diamonds in such a way that it will give the exact shape of the stone in the center. The cushion cut halo rings are currently trending in the market. It is a ring with a big round diamond in the middle surrounded with a bunch of small diamonds, making it appear as a whole square stoned with a round cut in the middle. It will be also combined with rounded corners, which boosts its aesthetic beauty to a whole different level.

Cushion Cut Halo Rings Vs Cushion Cut Rings

The main difference between a cushion cut ring and a cushion cut halo ring is that, the cushion cut ring is a single stoned ring with a square diamond with rounded corners while the other is a multi-stoned ring with a combination of both square and round diamonds in the middle. These rings are also available in multiple single colors as well as in dual colors. The most attractive cushion cut halo ring is made with colorless diamonds since the reflective index of the ring will be high due to the presence of multiple stones and thus it will create an awesome sparkling effect.

Since there is more than one shaped diamond engraved in the ring, it will provide more visual effects than the same shape repeated twice. The greatest benefit of a halo ring is that; it will create a visual illusion on the viewers which makes them believe that the center stone is larger than it actually is. These types of the ring can still look angular even though it is not, since cushion cuts are similar to that of a princess cut ring. Even though, due to the presence of the round center stone in the middle, it will make the ring much smoother and flawless. If you are searching for something special than an ordinary diamond ring for your engagement, a cushion cut halo engagement ring is the best choice.

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