Diamond Ring Settings

Some of you may love old ring styles, but wish to get a contemporary look at the same time. This is when you might prefer an antique or vintage ring and give a fashionable twist to it. If so, given below are few ideas you can try to get a blend of traditional and modern look in your vintage diamond platinum ring.

The Fairytale Appeal

A solitaire round brilliant diamond is one of the classic styles that everyone would love. To add a twist to your vintage diamond platinum ring, you can consider going for a fairytale look by incorporating a pair of curling ribbons on a completely paved band and give it more brilliance.

The Filigree Halo

A halo setting can not only enhance the beauty of your vintage diamond platinum ring but also give it a modern look. To get this style, you can add a classic touch to your halo ring by adding filigree details under the centerpiece.

The Milgrain Majesty

Having milgrain detailing along the sides and edges of your vintage ring with a paved band is sure to give it a stunning and elegant look. The milgrain details impart a traditional look, while the paved diamonds and centerpiece give a modern sparkle.

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